Indo-Chinese STREET FOOD TOUR of Little Tibet | Delhi, India

On my last night in Delhi I headed with my friends Sam and Mili to Little Tibet or Majnu Ka Tilla. We went on an epic Indo-Chinese street food tour of Little Tibet! SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL…


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  1. Momo originally pronounced as "mogmog" is a Tibetan food not a Chinese food for they've their own version of dumplings named "Baozi" that has quite distinct taste & texture. If someone is to argue that momo is originally Chinese, I may accept it on the ground that all the dumplings, be it from Japan, Mongolia & Korea also are to be tagged with such claims which is certainly not the case since they're all sovereign states while Tibet is still a part of China. So it's understandable for not getting the same level of recognition as others do. Anyway, all the people who're momo or Tibetan street food-goers, I want to make sure that you're getting healthy & authentic ones since they were health issues in New Delhi regarding the sales of stale & unhealthy momo. You should ask the one who's dealing these food items as whether they are Tibetan or not, otherwise you'll end up getting masala filled momo with mayonaise & chutni (God, that taste sucks, Nepali momo)

  2. Your hosts are such a bad translators, bad in their expression and they don't even know what to explore in Delhi. With good host or guide, your video are far better but with bad host, they appear too caaual. I remember agra vblog the guide was knowledge. it was informative and visual treat.

  3. You really have got a good appetite David and you are still not putting any weight on after all this creamy, fried and sweet food in your videos. What is the secret behind it? I am loving your videos bro.

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