Top 10 Signs a Show You Watch Is Going to Get Cancelled

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  1. The #1 remembered me of Once Upon a Time. Trough all of its course, OUAT was aired on sundays, but suddenly this last season was changed to friday. Yep, it got canceled.

  2. Also they forgot is medicode storylines and low-ratings plus actors in a scandal and theres worst characters in hit TV shows are dead weight such as Great Gazoo in The Flintstones,Oliver in The Brady Bunch,Gary Collins in Night Gallery,Tanya Roberts in Charlie's Angels,Scrappy Doo in the Scooby-Doo franchise and Bubba,Webby and con-artist Dijon in the original Ducktales these shows are cult favorites has wrong characters with bad chemistry and storylines helping the networks to cancel the hit shows and looks like Quantico a ABC's hit show could be in danger having a long hiatus the show returns in April it could be the final season due for a long break.

  3. I guess Friday-night timeslots means different things to different people. When I was a teen back in the 90s Friday nights were my favorite time for watching great TV shows. With the ability to watch most anything online these days I don't see TV timeslots being that big of a deal anymore.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that it's best if a good show ends after 3 or 4 seasons (either because it gets cancelled or because it was planned that way), instead of having it drag for endless seasons? How many good shows ended strong after 5 seasons or more? After 4 or 5 seasons, most show typically keep running because they have loyal audiences, not because they're good.

  5. The Devil season is a good sign. This is when a show is doing okay but not holy cow amazing and it's in its sixth season. At the end of season 6, most contracts are up for renewals and if the costs are too high, it would be easier to just cut the show as opposed to renewing it for Season number 7. Mike and Molly, 2 Broke Girls and Last Man Standing faced the devil season and all out of the blue got axed because it wasn't worth the money to renew it.

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