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Robert Mueller Eyes Facebook In Russia Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC – Viral Trends

Robert Mueller Eyes Facebook In Russia Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

A new Wired magazine cover story reveals why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could hold the keys to a crucial part of Bob Mueller’s investigation. The journalist who went inside Facebook reveals…


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Comments 31

  1. You all are doing a really nice job trying to keep everyone calm while techies all over the world are building the antidote. Which is independent Internets in every city, and going back to a "closed media market system".
    That's why "the revolution" started in Australia,(closed system) and why our military tried to cause a panic in Hawaii.

  2. Now they want to scare you all for using fake names, because they need to match the name base to their facial recognition system..
    All before someone challenges it in court.
    So they just opened a fisa warrant on me and tried my by tribunal, so that no one can challenge it later. The "trial" lasted no more than 3 mins. Then they tried to swear me in as President. GHWBush started with the end in mind here.
    The NSA will not give up it's "right" to spy on citizens without warrant.
    That's why Donnie is "faking president" since I caught him "faking dementia".
    This is also why the GOP took complete control over all 3 branches of government before it happened.
    But they went too far and tried to take over the world. So now it's out of control.
    That's why Trump is sarcastically joking about "building a wall", because that's the only way they could think of to control it.
    So now they're playing mind games to control the American public.
    That's why Bernie is preaching "resistance works", cause it does.
    Now that the whole world knows, we all are individually responsible for diplomacy. For realizes.
    No problem kidding. That's why we went through 8+ years of "niceness training". The world isn't fooled.
    I guess I'm where I'm at cause I tried to be the best person I could be my whole life, and stood up for the right things at the right times.
    Should have been removed like the Chinese and built a firewall.
    Facebook crosses all walls, so there's no way to stop it from happening.
    That's why Putin wants to build up the Bric net, while the US sets up their wall.
    If anyone is feeling mental stress, it's kind of like built in sere training, eventually it will be OK, as long as your mind stays open to learning.
    And like I said, because everyone's thoughts are already logged in, there's a human stage where we become the computer, so avoiding it is impossible. Everyone's thoughts and actions are predictable, and we are all now a giant quantum computer. Be kind, if you want, but be yourselves. You will be challenged, so stay open.

  3. This is a bias to Facebook. To Facebook, keeping being a fair player and maintained neural is what they were trying to do. They were real idealistic people in the past, naïve to politics but true to be fair to users.

  4. Guys, it's not Facebook's responsibility to perform counterintelligence, it is the purview of the US intel. community to perform effective counterintelligence against ALL outside intelligence entities.

  5. It is amazing that we still hear people unsure of what "effect" all this Russian hacking, Facebook/Twitter ads and "fake news" stories (pizzagate, Uranium One, etc.) could have even possibly (??) had on the election vote! Good gawd, folks – companies spend millions on a little 20-second commercial because they know a certain percentage of those watching will "believe" they should buy that particular product, right? We all know this. Yet some people say (or pretend? ) that millions of FB re-posts and Twitter re-tweets of phony (or at least distorted!) stories praising Trump or attacking Clinton had absolutely NO effect on the decisions of any people who may have otherwise been "on the fence"??

    They need to wake up! We may never be able to accurately quantify how many people made their final voting decision based on (or helped by? ) the phony impressions left in their minds by the Russians. But in an election that was this close (he lost the popular vote overall, but small margins in a few key states gave him the Electoral College "win", remember?), it defies all logic to pretend this massive Russian disinformation campaign had no effect.

  6. FB should have to reprint and ACKNOWLEDGE the posts that were pushed by Russian operatives! Too many people STILL believe the BS, ie, Hillary murdering kids, etc. Granted that is stupidity in it's highest form, however, these people are not going to believe it is really Fake News unless FB shines a light on it!!

  7. Has anyone seen any of these Russian Tampering examples? They have been accusing for over a year now but not one example. Is Hillary losing their only example? Just a interested TROLL looking for an answer

  8. The most gargantuan political irony of all time…..what he's been yapping about incessantly, ad nauseum, for 2 years, fake news, fake news, fake news, actually played a huge role in getting him elected. fake president.

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