National Elections Quiz 2018 | Episode 07 | Grand Finale

The National Elections Quiz 2018 is a pan-India, inter school quiz competition on elections and electoral processes presented by the Election Commission of India. Aimed as an outreach initiative…


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  1. Acha Quiz tha ….aisa hona v chaiye ….bt kya aise Quiz sirf English school k ladko k liye hota hai ….aaplog des ki aadhi janta tk ye samz se bahar hai ki qstn kya tha …
    Qstn itne hard nai the …bt ye qstn ko sirf English mai na show kr Hindi mai v show krna chaiye.

  2. Well I am an alumnus of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and currently living in Ranchi, felt really enthralled. Great work by students and superb initiative by election commission.Kudos to everyone!

  3. हिन्दी भुल गए आप

    अंग्रेज़ी क्यो थोप रहे हमारे ऊपर

    पहले भी बहुत जूल्म हो चुका है हमारे ऊपर

    हिंदी को बढ़ावा दो भाई

    तभी देश हमारा देश एक जुट हो सकता है

  4. congratulation to Jharkhand team n puducherry has given equal competition to Jharkhand team well done n congrats ,team from manipur very cool guys well done at last round congrats n congrats to all other teams all the best to ur bright future..

  5. I received a message saying that I am one of the winners of the NEQ5 audience challenge, but my name was not mentioned on the facebook page, please see to it.
    Name:Ishan Khanna
    Mobile No. 7009790622

  6. Congratulations Jharkhand! And all the other teams too who have reached this grand finale; U all deserve it and u all are more or less brilliant than ur counterparts . Don't give up; have a bright future.

  7. Team from Puducherry was more informed but quiz skills of Jharkhand prevailed!
    Congratulations to every single 1.3million participants because all of you made this quiz such a great….

  8. Congrats to Jharkhand. It proves that BJP government has significantly improved the standard of education in Jharkhand. Modi is doing great work.

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