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Kodak Tmax 3200 and the Future of Film Photography – Viral Trends

Kodak Tmax 3200 and the Future of Film Photography

What is the future of film photography? What do you think?

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Comments 34

  1. Thanks for this video, I agree with your point about the physicality and the experience of film photography.

    I read Kodak comment on twitter that Ektachrome is coming back in the first half of this year. But I assume it won't be a massive production for a long time.

  2. Hey, Erik, despite the name, that tmax has an iso of about 1000, or 800, depending on the circumstances(it doesn't have an standard iso rating), just like the ilford delta 3200…

  3. Nikon or Canon need to make a new film camera, because the vintage cameras are old and as time goes on there will be less and less of them. And the less working film cameras, the more expensive they will be and less people will bother buying film. So I'm pretty sure we're safe for the next 10 years at least, but new film cameras need to be made to ensure film is still around beyond that.

  4. I am a photographer who recently came back to film but still shoot digital. I will probably still shoot film in 10 or 20 years depending on the availibility of film. In 2018 some people still shoot in large format with camera that you see in western movie. So yes I think will be there for long, although there is a regain in popularity for film, it is also very trendy and hipster ( and by that I do not mean young but hipster) . This will help boost the availability of film for a few years but it will pass. If we can still take photo on large format with camera that are everything but practical, I can see 35 mm film still there in 30 years

  5. I'm looking at the future of film with cautious optimism, since it seems like film is still trying to find its place in the digital age. We seem to get a bit of good news with some bad. Still, just knowing there's a genuine interest from established companies and start-ups alike is exciting. Impossible Project was able to keep our old Polaroid cameras stocked with film, although it may not have been perfect. That alone gives me hope.

  6. I agree 100% with your comments on the future of film. It will be, maybe has been, relegated to dedicated users.. I suspect that the increase in film use will stabilize and production will rise or fall to match at a level too low to be profitable for big and diverse companies like Kodak and Fuji. For Ektachrome, Kodak is such a financial and management basket case, I'd be much happier if the whole Ektachrome rights and production package was sold off to a small, primarily film oriented company. Kodak will get Ektachrome to market, but IMO they will price it above what its limited demand will support. One surviving E-6 film would be nice, but is this it?

  7. Your video has me wondering now if some younger photographers (young being a category into which I definitely do not fall!) are seeing digital as a completely disposable due to their relationship with phone cameras and instant access, so to them using film is not just a different experience but also a statement that they prefer those images to last. As for the camera equipment, I don't know if we can rely on used film cameras for ever, so if the "Reflex" kickstarter camera is successful and perhaps some other companies (not necessarily the big digital ones) start to produce cameras, then I will feel more secure about film's future.

  8. I love film but I must admit I shoot 90% digital, leaving film for just my most cherished personal projects. I feel the enthusiasm for film will be there in 50 years, the same as some people refuse to give up the paper delivered home

  9. Excellent upload as usual…. love this style of almost story telling videos. It shows your passion for photography and make for very informative viewing. Whether Kodak finally release the film they have been promising is another matter but i think there will always be a market for analogue, too many people enjoy the tactile experience of photography or listening to music…. it's difficult to have that with a bunch of '1's and '0's on a memory storage device! thanks again!

  10. What draws me to shoot film is primarily the cameras. There's such a variety in camera styles between SLRs, waist level cameras, rangefinders, and point and shoots that there's guaranteed to be something out there for everyone. I had to have my Yashica Mat 124G out to be repaired last fall. While it was gone I didn't shoot a whole lot. But as soon as I got it back I've just been shooting and shooting. Also, there was 35mm Minolta point and shoot found at my grandparents' house, not something I'm used to shooting. It should be an interesting and fun experience. I hope film hangs around and I can continue to play with and shoot different cameras for years to come.

  11. Well said. I have over the years  come to hate computers, almost every day I want to throw one through a window.  As soon as I get one the way I like it something goes wrong.  Windows will update, my hard drive will crash,  or I get a virus,  on and on.  So its the last thing I want to do is have one in my camera and then take out the sd card and put it into a computer and spend more time again on a computer to make the end result.  I bought a rb67 that does not even have a battery and I built a darkroom in my house so I can enjoy photography again.

  12. We'll lose some stuff, we'll gain some but now that digital is so saturated and normal people will look for alternatives. Film can exist alongside digital, there's no reason it can't… The sentiment that film is old hat is waning, it's been "gone" long enough for most people to be nostalgic about it. It'll never have the marketshare it did before, EVERYONE shot film because that's all there was. Same reason digital point and shoots are dying because of cell phones. But that's okay, there are a lot of people who are into photography and who shoot film.

  13. I think film is here to stay. It's such a wonderful format(s) capable of incredible results. And in addition, I have a growing archive that is tactile which is more valuable to me than digital files (easily said).

  14. Tmax 3200 coming back is great news indeed, but I really don't know what to think. Agfa just anounced they have discontinued Vista 200… Fuji has announced… well, forget it. I'm supporting film by buying lost of it. Actually, I'm supporting as hell, specially Kodak.. I'm doing my part. I totally agree with you in the matter of "film vs digital". People who shoot film already know their reasons to do so. Great video, thanks for posting

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