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Does Photography Gear Matter? Cheap DSLR vs Expensive DSLR | Jamie Kate – Viral Trends

Does Photography Gear Matter? Cheap DSLR vs Expensive DSLR | Jamie Kate

$79 vs $2499 DSLR CAMERA?!

Photography is another hobby I am passionate about.
When I decided to downsize my camera gear, I ended up letting go of my Nikon D7000 (which has more advance features), and kept my Nikon D40, which I had for 8 years, because of its sentimental value.

I collaborated with my friends to do a photoshoot/challenge.
My personal goal is to produce images that are as good as what an expensive camera can do. It was *pretty* challenging.

Clark and I have different styles when it comes to shooting and post-processing, which is cool because we learn different techniques from each other!

Photography is truly an art where you can express yourself through colors, hues, shadows and highlights.

Whether you shoot with an old DSLR body and inexpensive lens or go all out with a full-frame DSLR and a killer 1.2mm lens,
We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it!
Shots were posted here: http://jamiekate.us
Song: Sekai – Somebody [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/HiM2VWFUom0
Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/SomebodyCr

Song: Brandon Jonak & Pep.B – Where Do I Go (feat. Ezra James)
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Video: https://youtu.be/Vrd8uDWRmx0



FACEBOOK ↘ http://facebook.com/jamiekatenet
TWITTER ↘ http://twitter.com/msjamiekate
INSTAGRAM↘ http://instagram.com/msjamiekate
↘http://instagram.com/ms.jamiekate (photography)
SNAPCHAT ↘ @jamiekate11
PHOTOBLOG ↘ http://jamiekate.us

Shot in Irvine, California.
Thank you Clark and Lavonne for helping me make this video!
Check out their photography page
↘ facebook.com/stylesandstripesphoto
Instagram ↘ @notsoclark | @lovelavonne

read more on my blog: http://jamiekate.net/post/160128251227/doesgearmatter


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Comments 17

  1. Wow !! Your better than Jessica kobeissi !! Sorry for mentioning her name here but I was really disappointed of her having really expensive camera but I can only count few shots that is good. Im Not a professional photographer but compare for you having a cheap and old camera you really did awesome shot. Better shot actually 🙌👏🏻 its inspire me to get cheaper camera first and learn more about photography until I upgrade. Thank you for this

  2. I was actually very impressed with the Nikon. When I seen it was only 6 megapixels I was literally thinking, 'omg, those shots aren't gonna be very sharp'. But I was very impressed! Great video! Loved the shots as well!

  3. High 5 fellow Nikon user! I, too, own an old Nikon DSLR due to sentimental reasons. It's a D200. It may be ancient in today's DSLR specs but it still delivers good images. It doesn't do well on low light like modern DSLRs of today but during daytime and/or sufficient lighting, it's still a beast. I am keeping it for life and I've been been adding "new" (well, old or vintage) glass for it plus using a WiFi SD card just to give it more flexibility.

    The truth is, no matter if you're using a dinosaur of a digital camera or the latest version, it's all about the photographer delivering a good shot. A camera is only a tool. 🙂

    PS: You just got a new sub. Keep snapping!

  4. I have been a camera collector and user for over 35 years, 95% of people buy too much camera and make the mistake of buying new. A Nikon D40 or D3100 will take excellent pictures for anyone ( and under $150 used) If you want to use manual focus lenses and older D lenses the D7000 can be purchased mint for $255. Pick one up with a 50mm G lens and a 18-105mm and you are set to go for around $500 ( less than the cost of an entry body)

  5. I have canon 600d and 6d, in perfect situation and lighting there is no big diference in photos, i bought full frame just for higher iso performance. If you shooting only in good light,you dont need these expensive bodies. what you need is just good glass,lighting set up,model and ideas. Even with canon 600d ,50mm f1.8 plastick lens,but with unreal model,light,location and idea you can beat guys with full frames so much. It's just a tool. Better go and train with your gear, push maximum from it ,get ideas and win 😀

  6. not sure why you had your iso at 400 with a shutter speed of 1000th. I think you could have dropped the iso and dropped the shutter to a 100th or 250th of a second and attained cleaner shots. The white balance of the Nikon was yellowish compared to the Canon I felt.

  7. It was hard to choose a winner because I suspect there was quite a difference in post editing. I liked the tone in Clarke's set, but again, I'm not sure if that was just from post production. Thinking I might need to go get a new lense to make my Nikon have pretty pictures like yours though!

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