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8 Warm-Up Poses from the GL Method of Flash Photography – Viral Trends

8 Warm-Up Poses from the GL Method of Flash Photography

Perfect Portraits Free Download: http://bit.ly/freeguide05 – Today’s video is not a posh sequence with background music and retouched images. It’s a raw film that I initially made for Good Light Academy members. They found it very helpful and since it does not contain nudity, I uploaded it to Youtube today.

You will see me walking my model through the 8 poses of Level 1 of the GL Method to Flash Photography. Use these poses at the beginning of your photo shoot. The poses make sure that you see the face of your model as well as her body from all important angles. This way the first photos of your shooting will reveal the chocolate sides of your model. You find out what works and what does not work for her. Have a look how I do it:


In the video, you also see how I make life easy for myself. I use my phone to show the poses to the model. Would you like to do the same? Download the free guide “Perfect Portraits” (http://bit.ly/freeguide05). Let your model imitate the poses one after another while you shoot the photos.

It is no problem if your poses vary from what you see in the guide. There is no need to be exact. Don’t make an exact science out of it. The principle of bringing your model in all kinds of angles will work anyway. Please do me a favor: let me know what you think in the comments and give the video a thumbs-up if you like it.

I wish you good light!


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Comments 39

  1. one of your best videos. While no huge nuggets as you say, it was great watching how plan and direct this sequence. This model is amazing. She can't take a bad picture and accepts direction so well.

  2. Great information! Very nice shots and, though it wasn't the point of this video, I learned about a great but simple lighting setup for what I guess is somewhat hi key shots. Also, tell Dominica I think I'm in love!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! Exactly what I've been looking for. Gorgeous model and accomplished photographer with beautiful ethereal lighting/background….simply stunning results. Subscribing and looking for more posing ideas on your channel.

    As for camera settings…guessing you eliminated the ambient and relied on the 1 light from the shoot through umbrella. Were you shooting TTL…if not, do you recall your light settings? Do you use a meter or chimp the back 'til you like what you see?

    How popular is this style of shooting? I want to immerse myself into the beauty/glamour portrait world. Can't wait to see more of your work! Bravo

  4. This was very cool to watch, you did an excellent job framing each shot because I suppose it's hard to focus on framing as you're doing a demonstration. This would have been great with better audio and perhaps a shorter, edited version. Thanks for sharing!​

  5. I cannot say it enough how valuable these tutorials are for me, thank you. If you would be so kind as to share what equipment you are using (umbrella and speed light models), I would be ever so appreciative……………wait………….I just downloaded the guide, and I believe the information is present. Thanks

  6. As always, great information in your videos (and ebooks)! Thank you for sharing. I was wondering about the line drawings you showed in the video – I find that showing drawing are nicer for inexperienced models as they are less intimidated. Do you have a link on where you got them from?

  7. You made everything so simple and got beautiful photos. I wish you would tell us how you built your photo corner. Is it two pieces covered in white fabric; what kind of fabric is it? Thank you

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