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Top 10 Innovators Who Changed The World – Viral Trends

Top 10 Innovators Who Changed The World

For more incredible content from Getty Images, be sure to check out their Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/gettyimages/ Top 10 Innovators Who Changed The World Subscribe: http://goo.g…


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Comments 34

  1. Jobs is on the list, instead of Bill gates and Ford is on the list instead of Benz, the German inventor of the car… So you put an anti-simetic dude on the list, just to not put the German on the list, who is definitely superior to him, in terms of invention…
    Yeah, great job… NOT!

  2. Edison didn't steal Tesla's patent for AC electrical current. Tesla sold his patent to George Westinghouse who then was forced to sell to JP Morgan. Morgan had already bought Edison's electrical company (if buying means doing it without the owner's permission or consent) .

    JP Morgan was the real bad guy.

  3. I dont really agree with Henry Ford on the list. With the assembly line it was also the start of repetive and boring jobs, making ppl unhappy at their job. Loosing concentration, tunnelvision and the possibility some1 could fall asleep.

    Also with the assembly line, we started to destroy our world also on a faster rate, using up the worlds natural resources on a high tempo.
    Companies are only focussed on how they can make us consume more and buy their products. Creating more polution, wasting resources.
    With the assembly line also the gap between poor and rich countries grew. And then especcially between europe/us and the 3rd world. This attracts immigrants, creating political issues with the upcomming anti immigrants parties in Europe and deviding the population of those countries.

    With our wealth, we could afford ourself the best health care in the world. Increasing our life expactancy with alot. But the costs for health care is increasing exponentially, with more then 10% in the last 2 years. (2016= 72billion expectation in 2018=80billion).

    But on the other hand, if Ford didnt invent the assembly line, then it was just a matter of time that some1 else did.

  4. Everybody is angry and raging about not including Einstein and Leon Musk in comments and I am here wondering why nobody is angry that Newton and Steven Hawkins are excluded from the mentions.

  5. What about Ada Lovelace- creator and inventor of computer programming. She basically wrote the code for the punch cards which would have been used in Charles Babbages Analytical engine. Her work inspired Alan Turing in his computer programming.

  6. This is completely ridiculous! You mention Ford, but not Daimler und Benz, who basically invented the automobile. What about Martin Luther? He definetely changed the world. Gutenberg, who invented printing? The biggest change in communication! Far more important than the internet.Philip Reis invented the telephone before Bell. What about Otto Lilienthal, who invented the plane? Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who discovered x-rays? Albert Einstein? Manfred von Ardenne with the invention of the TV? Konrad Zuse, who invented the computer? At least some of them, normally make in on such a list, or at the very least on the honorable mentions

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