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The Dark Side of Kylo Ren Explained | The Failure of the Jedi and Jung’s Shadow Theory – Viral Trends

The Dark Side of Kylo Ren Explained | The Failure of the Jedi and Jung’s Shadow Theory

Kylo Ren’s turn to the Dark Side is a product of the failures of the Jedi, including Luke Skywalker. In this video, I go over how Ben Solo’s journey relates to everyday human struggle. There…


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  1. So the "prime Jedi" is able to balance the dark and the light and since Anikin was supposed to be the chosen one, he should have been the Prime Jedi, but that didn't work out so well, so maybe the force created two people to be the prime Jedi together because one person is not strong enough?

  2. The concepts of the persona and the shadow remind me of the self concept and ideal self which originate from humanist psychology. You should check out the concept of congruence as well, it's similar to balance.

  3. Kylo is by far the best character in the sequel trilogy. He's the only reason any of this matters to me. Like you said, his inner struggle and upbringing are more relatable than any other character element in the series, more than being an orphan or upbringings like that. He grew up in a family yet he still fell. But I disagree on Rey not being a mary sue. If you don't like the term, then try cheat code character. She pretty much began TFA with a cheat code that maxed out her piloting, marksmanship, engineering and force talents from the very beginning. She started this trilogy on god more rather than working her way and earning her way to greater power and that's why she's not as compelling to me and feels like a missed opportunity. Daisy is a likable and great actress but her character of Rey is not that good and hasn't received anything close to Kylos' character development.

  4. Cool insights! 100% against Kylo just being the big-baddie because it's boring, I hope he becomes the ultimate Jedi. PS, All through this video I was very distractedly thinking about KotoR because of the music, lol; PPS that image of the ultimate perfect Jedi or whatevs looks like The Silence from Doctor Who.

  5. Great video.
    I never really understood why the Jedi order was against love and attachment because it's one of the biggest part of being human. So as far as I understand that, being a Jedi is actually going against your human nature.
    About the personsa – I've read a book by Erving Goffman "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" and it deals exactly with what you talked about.

  6. kylo says, look how old u've become. Awesome video, Josh. he's my favorite too, as was his grandfather before him, and it's due alot to the fact that they make me try to understand where they are coming from. of course I like the "good guys" like Leia and Rey and Chewie, and to an extent, Luke.

  7. I think you are on target. I think that is why many hate Kylo because they prefer the persona more than the truth inside them. We respond to Vader because he hid the sensitive, passionate Anakin on the inside.

    To me the hatred of Rey and Ben, the mislabeling of the Mary Sue comes to this point. This trilogy is about self-actualization and belonging. Rey came into the trilogy with the training of her skill set, which was well deserved and hard to get. She pretty much survived the Hunger Games that is Jaku and all that life implies. Maz states that she always had the light inside her, and she states to Luke that she has always had it on the inside. She goes to Luke for someone to show her place. Both Rey and Ben are Force-user prodigies in that the Force gave them their supernatural abilities. Yes, Ben inherited it, but because he is a descendant of the Chosen One. Prodigies have skill come naturally to them, and most fear them due to this. They discard them due to jealousy or fearing how to respond to such power. Think of the X-Men. Unlike Luke, this saga is not about becoming a Jedi or a member of an Order; Luke had no problems with acceptance or support. He always had someone to catch him…unlike Anakin, Ben, and Rey. This arcs of this saga are about belonging and identity, not skill. Most hero epics are about character, developing virtue. Sometimes, that character is developed through training but not always. See Thor; the first film was about him developing the characteristic of humility and compassion, for without it, he was not worthy to wield or lead.

    But I don’t think he has to integrate the shadow as in accept the darkness. We should always try to turn our back on the darker urges or we become someone like Snoke a pit of utter darkness, selfishness. I think the message of the Force through the Skywalkers is that attachments as in people are not the source of the problem; they are the reason that you fight. If you remove people and undermine their importance, then you undermine life, and that is in its essence a contradiction of the aim of the Jedi Order.

  8. Thanks for a great video. I really liked your comparison with Jung. Kylo is my favourite character too. I like his complexity and the idea that he only shows the world what he wants them to see. Thanks again

  9. I really like watching this character, too. In fact, I will confess that my interest and engagement in Star Wars had waned until Kylo Ren appeared. But I am all in now, baby! I like the Jungian analysis, too. Thanks for this!

  10. Great video! The very moment you set yourself to accept your own truth and take responsibility for your actions, you can be honest about your faults, gifts, and motivation. To know your real self, you have to own the dark and light, accept your failings and have faith that you can be more.

  11. It's not per se good literature, but the game "Wraith: the Oblivion" built heavily off of the concepts of persona and shadow (though a lot of people miss that) and what happens when one overpowers the other. The entire World of Darkness line did to a point, as ever character had a Nature and Demeanour, however Wraith went even further with the characters being dualistic with their Wraith and Shadow, and everything that entailed.

  12. I really liked this insight… Thanks for it!!! What I love from Kylo is that he doesn't fulfill any of our expectations… We are used to label characters, this is good and this is bad, end of story. (Well I don't know too much about films, I'm talking as a general audience member). And this one here, wow. A lot of people can't conceive the idea of him surviving after all the damage he has caused. And I think that's precisely what we need. Let him have a purpose. He doesn't have to be reduced to someone you have pity for, cause as you say, he's now (at the end of TLJ) making his own choices.
    I see a lot of potential in his future and I'm hoping that this is only the beginning 🙂

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