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Poll: Democrats have two-to-one lead among millennials – Viral Trends

Poll: Democrats have two-to-one lead among millennials

How can Republicans gain more ground with millennial voters? Candace Owens of Turning Point USA provides insight. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated…


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Comments 46

  1. Most Democrats behave like they've been bitten by a rabid dog, foaming and running off at the mouth with insane lies . One only has to look at what Marxist, Socialist Liberal Democrats have done to California … they've DESTROYED that state!! Liberal Democrats will degenerate their states into a place where only the rich, bums and MS13 reside. They'll raise taxes so that crooked politicians can pocket even more of the taxpayer money, they'll push the illegal immigrant voter agenda which includes becoming a MS13 sanctuary state, they'll try to make public bathrooms Transgender, and of course try to take our guns. IF YOUR SMART, YOU'LL RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN!!

  2. Millenials have grown up in an era where PC BS and fantasy land liberal and leftist ideology have shaped their minds in such a way that they feed of emotions and have no clue about the real world. I understand they suffer too but I think they should open up their eyes and get out of their comfort zone (that ridiculous safe space idea) and start thinking and make up their own mind instead of chasing unicorns and rainbows.

  3. Unbelievable……blacks need to ‘arm themselves’ against the (white) KKK???

    (Every time I have to go into the city, I seriously think about joining the KKK for self preservation!!!)

    I’d like to see this ‘young black woman’ try and walk down Joseph Ave in Rochester, NY at 02:00 unarmed. She would be mugged, robbed, and raped a dozen times before she got to the end of the street!!! And by the indigenous black criminals that populate that low-life part of that city!!!
    The greatest threat to the young black people of our nation today is other young black criminals who could care less about the sanctity of life and are killing each other off daily!!!
    It’s ‘white’ people who need to arm themselves against this ‘black criminal’ scourge that’s decimating the inner cities of America. Why the hell do yo think that the ‘suburbs’ happened? Just for something to do? Hell no! It was whites escaping from the crime ridden inner-cities that are over populated by blacks and their criminal behavior.
    Get the facts straight lady!!!

  4. Liberalism is a mental disorder – with no cure

    the young have no wealth
    so they want the share the wealth of those that do

    eventually, they grow older and accumulate wealth
    and don't want to share it with those younger

    and eventually, the Democrats become Republicans
    has been this way for generations
    will never change

  5. Candice! You've been busy lately but you gotta check your sources. NRA wasn't founded to help black protect themselves. I think your great and don't want you annihilated. Keep up the great work.

  6. I and my wife won't last as long as the millenial's will, and they will have to live with everything they do to this country! Our generation and older, nor the millenial's parents or grandparents can be held responsible for what they do to it… All I can say is they will be sorry… Them that don't listen have to feel…

  7. Candace Owens is the official voice of accountable, successful, Republican blacks. Her wisdom can free alot of blacks from the Democratic plantation. I like diamond and silk but I think Candace is more suited to get blacks off of the demoncratic plantation, and on to financial independence, contributing to American's society as a large group under Republican leadership. Fox needs to make Candace a regular.

  8. We have a responsibility u leave me and my guns alone! U want us dead that’s why u want my guns. Get rid of evil in our government. Demonic control will not happen in USA. Boycott celebrities and tv that want to take our freedom away

  9. But Trump said the opposite on Wednesday.

    "Take the guns first, go through due process second," he had said.

    On Friday, two days after Trump's freewheeling meeting on guns with lawmakers at the White House, press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that nothing had changed in the President's view on new gun laws.

    Which left reporters scratching their heads — nothing had changed … from what?

    The truth is Trump has said more in a single day than Obama did in 8 years in regard to gun control

  10. We have a generation that takes zero responsibility for their actions still living at home refuse to grow up and they are the ones telling me that I am not allowed to have a firearm to protect myself and my family I believe the biggest terrorist organization in our country is the Democratic Party my opinion these people that followed Obama that was appointed by him stood with him stands with him today need to be taken out of office immediately and sent to Guantanamo for for the treasonist axe that they have been committing against the American people in this country interrogation and trial

  11. Sad; these so-called snow flakes one day will see their world being destroyed by Democrats. They don’t know how it looks like living in a communist country or a third world country!

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