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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories: John F. Kennedy Facts, Photos, Timeline, Books, Articles – Viral Trends

JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories: John F. Kennedy Facts, Photos, Timeline, Books, Articles

There has long been suspicion of a government cover-up of information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. About the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0918487633/r…


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Comments 21

  1. Nice Job Israel, we also enjoyed your great job of destroying USS liberty warship and sinking all pigs on board. Saudi911 also is great with brilliant operations against Americans.

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  3. Kennedy loved riding in open convertibles because he wanted to be accessible to the people. The bubble top was not bullet proof-the car body was not bullet proof. He rode through the streets of Paris in an open convertible in the pouring rain with de Gaul. Kennedy did instruct the Secret Service to leave the bubble top off and to stay off the running board. Winning Texas was critical to him being elected President in 1964. Kennedy was of the opinion that if the people were able to see him they would vote for him.

  4. I am sorry for not having 1:47:16 hours to spend on this over killed subject, especially since I discovered that most of these so called investigative documentaries are a mere shabby attempt to cover up the truth just like the attempts of the guys with President Kennedy's blood on their hands. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if these very men are behind the production of most of these misleading documentaries.

    I have to stress that it is only the intellectually blind who can't possibly see this fateful event as a conspiracy. So the next question is simply: who was behind it? I have no doubt in my mind that whoever he/they may be, their main motive was to quash the efforts set forth by the U.S. Administration then led by President Kennedy who had instructed his brother Bobby Kennedy then Attorney General of the U.S. to compel a certain Israeli organization called the AZC (American Zionist Council) to be registered as a foreign entity as was required by law. The very move which they succeeded to forfeit with the assassination of both President Kennedy and his brother and the very move which would have put a fatal dagger in the back of this shady organization. It's noteworthy to mention that the AZC not only survived this elimination attempt but went on to become AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) most notoriously known for shaping the most critical internal and foreign U.S. administration policies and undisputedly responsible for most of the conflicts plaguing our past and present world.

    It is no secret. In fact it hasn't been a secret since the release of a set of mind blowing documents back on June 10, 2008 which were made public under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The plot, for those who follow, read and educate themselves of the details, is good enough for a first class spymaster novel or even a multi million dollar class A movie.

    It was imperative for the AZC to not to be registered and hence it became inevitable that both John and Bobby Kennedy be eliminated for the existence of this organization. It's registration would have entailed the full transparency of it's entire operation and the auditing of all of it's funds which were mainly donations from Israel for obvious reasons.

    President John Kennedy once said: "All those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolutions inevitable". Isn't that what we are seeing all around us today?

    All these mind blowing information, documents and more are readily available on line now. One of these sites is targetfreedomusaDOTcom. Search for "DOJ AZC released documents.

  5. JFK The Smoking Gun hulu.com/watch/709192

    I just watched this on hulu,it was complete and there was no fee required.There were a few brief commercial breaks,but probably less than on tv.

    This theory is more original and plausible than most, however their early premise that Oswald had less than 6 seconds to fire 3 shots has been disproved.I believe it has something to do with the slower frame rate of the Zapruder and WHEN the recording of the assassination actually started,was before OR AFTER the first shot?

    The latest and most accurate estimate is that the shooter or shooters had 11 seconds to fire off 3 or 4 shots,which gives the shooter or shooter almost double the original time estimate.Therefor Oswald had lots of time to get off 3 or more shots,and so did the other Secret Service shooter hypothesized in this documentary,an agent by the name of George Hickey.


    This on no way conflicts with the inclusion of Oswald and another possible shooter,in fact the extra time makes it more credible.

    The people in the documentary said that they felt that the Secret Service shooting was accidental,and then covered up to save the reputation and existence of the agency.Which is also plausible,often cover ups involve mistakes,it's not always an intentional evil act.

    People screw up,and they lie about it,it's human nature…Of course,the shooting could have been intentional,too,and that would mean a broader conspiracy.

    Webster Tarpley when speaking about Bush in the classroom on 9/11,speculated the Secret Service may have had foreknowledge of the events of 9/11,and that's why they just let the president sit there,because they knew in advance that the attacks on 9/11/2001 would be limited to planes being flown into buildings in NYC and Washington,and nowhere else,therefore everyone was safe down there in Florida.

    When it comes to the Secret Service,anything is possible,especially if infiltrated by subversive extreme left or extreme right actors.

  6. These guys are morons. They don't even mention the guy who was in charge of the conspiracy as a suspect, LBJ. No cover up can happen without him. He had the power to plan this in his home state of Texas. These fools don't have a clue he was the top dog.

    Organized crime in charge of the conspiracy? What a joke. They couldn't have covered up anything, or got anyone in the government to go along with the cover up.

    They talk about motive. Nobody had a bigger motive than LBJ. He and the Kennedy's hated each other. These fools can't even see it.

  7. If that is a dead person on a table in your video thumbnail, regardless of whether it is Kennedy or not, please take it off.  It's disrespectful and in bad taste.  Thank you. 

    The real reason of JFK assassination is because Kennedy was in favour of the creation of an independant Palestinian state and against the Israeli nuclear program. When you know where is the real power in US, it's easy to conclude that it's the zionist scum which was responsible. But you will never hear this theory in US medias, because they are under the total control of this pro Israel gang.

  9. after the Cuban missile crises in oct 1962 the assassination was given the go ahead.  in april 1963 the decision chain of command was backtracked and financial sponsorship taken up by the same texas benfactors of LBJ- this privatized the hit, just like sponsorship of the minutemen and Cuban exile training.  classic ambush , and cover up.  associating the dirty deed with castro was pure psych warfare 101.

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