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BLACK & White Challenge – 7 reasons YOU should start one (Photography) – Viral Trends

BLACK & White Challenge – 7 reasons YOU should start one (Photography)

► Here are 7 Reasons you should start a 3 day black and White challenge right NOW

I just spend 3 days in Scotland, having a lot to discover and visit, i didn’t want to take a lot of gear with me, so i decided to only take one lens with me and to force myself to only shoot in black and white for the 3 full days ! NO CHEATING , even when the subject looked so much more beautiful in colors, i forced myself ( not easy ) to keep the camera on the black and white mode.

it’s important that you put your camera on black and white when you shoot so you can focus more on how the subject looks directly without colors.

It’s a great way to learn and practice photography and not spend your time looking for the right lens or the right color profile.

Are you UP to the challenge ? if so , spend the next 3 days shooting only in black and white and post your photos on instagram with the #3DBWC

I hope you will learn and enjoy this cool challenge.

▲You can see my HD photos from this shoot here :

PRINTS – https://mathieustern.darkroom.tech
LUTS – https://www.mathieustern.com/luts/
GEAR – https://kit.com/mathieustern
BLOG – https://www.mathieustern.com/blog/
MY INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/mathieustern/

You can see the HD pictures Here : https://www.mathieustern.com/blog/2018/2/28/3-vintage-lenses-shoot-the-same-model-episode-3



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New to my Chanel?? Here are some playlists to get you started.

➜ Best Of – Watch These First : https://goo.gl/pC31Ae

➜ The Weird Lens Challenge : https://goo.gl/F14AmC

➜ The Cheap Weird Lens Reviews : https://goo.gl/4Esi2p

➜ How To / Tutorials : https://goo.gl/mMZlTk.


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  1. As I shoot RAW file format I have my camera profile set to monochrome. I do this for two reasons, firstly it helps me with my lighting. It is far easier to check for contrast and shadow detail when chimping. Secondly, it helps eliminate the clutter from the scene and concentrate on the composition. I do prefer to work in black and white, but as I shoot in RAW I have colour as an option in post.

  2. Hi Mathieu, I really appreciate this video. These are among the best pictures I saw from you. I always set my camera in black and white, because I believe that color is distracting from composition. Nevertheless, I shoot RAW and look back to the pictures in colors, during editing – sometimes getting very pleasant surprises. Not all pictures need to be in black white, so I decide only in post production which one should remain bw and which one should not. After doing like this for some time, I observed a clear improvement of the overall quality of my pictures. I invite you to try the same method.

  3. B&W also always bring me that element of "Nostalgia". As a wise one, once said: "If your image fail to improve from any post-processing, that is the time you understand that you haven't tried B&W yet"! I guess there are elements or truth in that.

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