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BEST Android TV Box 2018!!! (*FULL LIST BREAKDOWN!*) – Viral Trends

BEST Android TV Box 2018!!! (*FULL LIST BREAKDOWN!*)

BEST Android TV Box 2017/18! **FULL LIST BREAKDOWN!** What is the best Android TV box 2017 / 2018? This video reviews benchmarks, price etc of all the latest “kodi box’ devices that I have…


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Comments 43

  1. I love tv boxes… such a good idea: I love the design of this ones … honestly i had a better experience overall with the GooBang Doo -the combo is really cheap and awesome-. I love how this has a huge range.. i can change a movie for my kids from many meters away ! 🙂

  2. Cool! i am waaaaaaaay more into the Boxes in general tha buying just a very very expensive smart TVs … xP …. noo thanks! haha in my country those are stupidly expensive while the simple leds are sooo affordable . Have you tried the A1 max from goobang? Thanks for the video about this model by the way. Greets!

  3. Hi, I don't have much experience with box players. I'd like a device really powerful, immediate and dedicated to watch videos in UHD that I shot with my camera and I edit with Edius 9. They are heavy files 150mbps UHD files. My Sony 65" doesn't work fine. I do not care about TV. I don't take interest about TV, only for my video. I would like to use the box with Kodi or similar software. I'm thinking about:
    Vero 4K osmc
    MINIX Neo U1
    But maybe I can make an error buying one of them.
    What could I buy? Thank you for some info

  4. I'm not too knowledgeable about these boxes, but from what I have seen in many videos reviews these boxes have similar android features to say a sony 4k android tv, my real question is on the tv I have the playstation vue app, do these boxes carry playstation vue? Anyone know

  5. I would love to see you publish your list (Shown in the video) along with pro/con comments and links to the videos where you discuss the products, as well as links to purchase. That would be really helpful. Thanks.

  6. Hi mate, just subscribed excellent channel 😎
    Have you reviewed the Mecool BB2pro?

    Had it a while and performed great so far.

    Need an entry level box for a friend, any recommendations?

  7. ASBYT, You seem like an alright dude. I think you'd be cool to hang out with. You're probably a wild Englishman that is down to do some funny and crazy shit. I bet your a cool person to go to the bar with to watch a football game & I wouldn't put it past U that you would talk every bitch in there. Pretty or ugly, it wouldn't matter. Drinks in the air to U ASBYT. Cheers.

  8. Can anyone please help me. 
    I have an android kodi box and even SD movies buffer many times. Through the box – even though I am using an ethernet cable I am getting FLUCTUATING speeds of between 0.89 and 40mbps. I am paying for 100mbps but it has been explained that because the fiberoptic cables are 'SHARING' the infrastructure with the ADSL network, that is why my speeds are low. On my Mac through wireless I am getting 30mbps (ish)
    My Android box is
    Model number HX_3229_XGODY
    Android version 5.1.1 
    Build Number HX_3229_XGODY-userdebug5.1.1 LMY49F eng. ren. 20161203.153343 test-keys……..
    KERNAL VERSION: 3.10.0 ren@gxt#71 
    Sat Dec 3 15.25.35 CST 2016 ….. none of these figures (except the date) means anything to me………
    I don't want to continue blaming my internet supplier IF the box itself is slowing down the speeds for some reason!! I DO NOT have a laptop with an ethernet port to test the speeds. 
    IF it is the box itself that just cannot run good speeds for the movies, then can someone recommend a TV box with Kodi, that can! 
    perhaps email me the answer would be wonderful    donnzik@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi my son just bought Ghostware T95R Pro streaming android tv box. It seems really good and hubby and I are ready to cancel our Spectrum cable service and using just the android box with the ghostware software. Do you know anything about them? Even thought my son has bought it, and it seems awesome he has only had it for 2 days and I wanted to do a bit of research to see if that was a good choice for us? YOUR THOUGHTS???? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

  10. Love your break downs of different devises. It is very educational. I an planning in the near future purchasing an Android tv box., but have not made up my mind yet. I like the U2C plus or super or the H96 Pro Plus box. Keep the videos coming. I enjoy them very much.

  11. I think the best idea is to stop and think about what one needs. I have no desire to play games via my TV box,
    so I wouldn't buy a box for gaming. I would do some research before buying anything. Most of this stuff is
    outrageously over priced. First of all – Why buy old technology? If you buy old hardware (say android) you may
    end up having to use a fork of kodi that supports older hardware. Take the – AMCODEC (only on Android version
    from 4.4 to 6.x) Amlogic removed support for it on 7.x. You don't want older USB 2.0. You want at least 2 Gigs of
    ram, but 4 is much better. 8 Gigs storage isn't really enough. I would go with 16 or 32 GB and external storage support.
    I would go with latest OS and newest hardware. I would never use the TV box itself for a storage device. I have a
    an external usb hard-drive and self "powered" usb hub. Just saying. Good Video .. Thanks!

  12. So what do i need to get to get all tv, cable, movies, ppv and the most important would be something that copies NFL Sunday Ticket? Every game, live and able to watch and switch through whichever game i want?

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