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10 Must See Tourist Attractions in the Czech Republic – Viral Trends

10 Must See Tourist Attractions in the Czech Republic

Let’s start with a quick game. Hands up everyone who’s been to the Czech Republic! OK, great. Now… keep your hands up if you went to literally anywhere other than Prague. Wow. That’s…


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  1. The same thing that goes with the Czech Republic and Prague goes for Louisiana and New Orleans. Everyone visits New Orleans, but I, and many other who live in Louisiana, think that Baton Rouge, the Capitol, is much better, being more fun, interesting, and beautiful than New Orleans, but no one ever cares about Baton Rouge, or anywhere else in Louisiana, just New Orleans. That is just an opinion, but I would recommend visiting more places than just New Orleans when visiting Louisiana. Thank you for reading. ~ Random

  2. Czechia as a name is plain stupid – so expensive to advertise this "awesome" name, that was/is/and most likely will be totally unnecessary… We were, are and will be only Czech republic!
    Maybe Brno won some awards – but unless you are really looking only for food, Prague is simply nicer city to visit – and I like both cities 🙂

    Greeting from Czech republic – it was nice to see video like this (and to realize I have seen pretty much everything from the best of Czech republic 😉

  3. First: informative video, but Budapest is still my number one go to place.
    Second: The. main site I would want to visit is the corner where Heydrich was blown up. He survived only to die days later from infections caused by the horsehair with which his car seat was stuffed being forced into his wounds. Good on the horse! You also neglected any mention of numerous Lidice memorials. The costs of the magnificent and entertainment places would have been helpful; although I realize historical information must bow to fun and that most tourists have never heard of the events I mentioned, surely they are as significant as an ugly chapel made of medieval bones that remind me of the wicker man. I believe that the reason so many castles in Czechoslovakia survived is because the wives of Nazi officials wanted to live in them. I guess that's why Hitler ordered two insignificant villages destroyed rather than a castle.

  4. It so nice you made a video about Czech Republic! Can you make a video about Romania(Transilvania) too,please?There are so many beautiful places,but due to the comunism,the foreigners think that Romania is a lost land…but it has so much natural beauty to offer!

  5. simon , i am glad that you havent meantioned MY region , with its (censored ) and also (censored ) , because i dont want any tourists ruin our tranquility here … greetings from Czech republic ( not czechia !!!!!!!!! )

  6. I've never left the United States, but it's videos like this that makes me really want to travel to Europe! Also, I hope you have something awesome planned for when you hit 1 million subs! ^_^

  7. I have been in the Czech Republic many many times. One of the most awesome hikes I have ever done in the middle of a river bed with tons of tiny rusty ladders.

  8. Simon, I'm so glad that you've made this lovely video about your adopted homeland. I'd wondered if you ever would. If I were independently wealthy I'd be on the next plane bound for Czechia. It sounds like a beautiful country.

  9. We went to Czech and saw most of those.. and yes it was beautiful, but please bring your 4 wheeled drive, with extra TUBES, because the roads are really really really bad.. and a lot of houses are 9 of ten empty so it looked a bit abandoned.

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