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“The Failure is on the Sheriff!” Dana Loesch REACTS to CNN Town Hall with Tucker – Viral Trends

“The Failure is on the Sheriff!” Dana Loesch REACTS to CNN Town Hall with Tucker

Tucker Carlson interviews Dana Loesch about her recent experience with the CNN town hall (2-26-18). Subscribe to the Hound: https://youtube.com/TheLibertyHound/?sub_confirmation=1.


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Comments 48

  1. The “my America” movement keeps growing!!! No matter what the “media” says and how badly they corrupt the truth. America was great and the deep state is trying to change that….stay strong and stand your ground!!!!

  2. It is so clear that this shooting was setup and encouraged by the deep state and/or the shadow government to start the gun confiscation. Even if the anti-gun lobby just gets back ground checks, that will include everything. In Canada, if you are separated or divorced that can deter you from getting your firearms license. Not to mention, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. comments. It is virtually guaranteed that bureaucrats in the system will be given incentives for targeting "problem citizens". Remember, ALL of these bureaucrats will have been indoctrinated in higher education. Why do you think it is not a concern of the government, or almost anyone, that there is a dramatic decrease in college and university enrolment of men? Women are far easier to brainwash, nobody wants to go through the soul destroying task of arguing with them, and they will do virtually anything to advance themselves and their position, no matter how immoral. The perfect way to take apart a society….in plain site.

  3. Many have rightly pointed out that this gun control hysteria risks violating the rights of the law abiding needlessly.

    What few have pointed out is that it also distracts, conveniently, from talking about the failures of government officials whose inaction allowed this murderer access to a weapon when they had it in their power to prevent it under existing laws. One of my favorite quotes that quotes: “If you're distracted by fear of those around you, then it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above you." (Yeh it's from an old episode of the X-Files but it is relevant here…)

    The gun control hysteria has people so busy being terrified of their law-abiding neighbors’ hunting or target rifles, they are too preoccupied to ask about the conduct of law enforcement leading up to this tragic mass murder…or the shameful conduct since.

  4. That sherif is a coward and a phony. 17 people died on his watch and no matter what anyone believes was the real cause of the shooting, he needs to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS MISTAKES.

  5. Im not from usa…but saw last week, on a saterday a mom took her 13 y old to a gun show..they stopped at a gas station…the kid tryed to buy sigarettes, and diddent get them…next stop he wanted to buy playboy, and thet took it out of his hands..next stop he asked for a beer…and got laughed at…at the gun show he bought a rifle in about 5 min and walked out the door with it…do you guys in usa honestly believe that we do NOT think your a 3rd world country…? with some idiots at the controls..? 13 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiots

  6. America is stupid. they will take away your guns , then make you buy new guns..and take those away too ..lol.. just wait and see. its the way of the JEW!

  7. Sheriff Scott Israel is the (Broward COWARD) His own deputies sat out in front of the school for 4 of the 6 minutes while kids were being murdered by the same person that people had called the PD and the FBI about him saying that he was going to do the shooting beforehand.
    What's funny is that (the Broward COWARD) is the same guy that just back in 2016 was pushing for Hillary to win in the election,,, hell they even had a picture taken together just to remember the glorious occasion. Along with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders I might add.
    Now if that don't speak loud and clear on just WHY he kept them officers from rescuing them kids, then either your not looking and listening or you just planout have no ears or eyes to see and hear with.

  8. Beauty and brains. Not too common. Cindy Crawford has a chemical engineering degree. Beauty and brains. I love these women. I want this for my future daughters. Just need to get my wife to get pregnant by a intelligent handsome man.

  9. This Sheriff is 100% corrupt. Bought and paid for by the Pols of Florida. Coral Springs is a nice city, a friends Mom has lived there for years. They don’t need this clown in the Sheriffs department.

  10. Where all the talk about the teacher that says a man dressed in full body armour and helmet was shooting in the hallway in front of her classroom, which means this was a false flag set up by the FBI , WTF

  11. Having gun control is useless……….Gun Control IMHO is being able to hit the target first shot from a cold barrel…….I am ex military and can shoot better than most others and when I say Military, I mean the OLD MILITARY…….and not this volunteer BS….These kids today make me sick.  CNN sucks and so do all the MSM

  12. I’d love to see how these ‘responsible , intelligent kids’ would react to a proposal to raise the driving age to 18.?? It would WITHOUT A DOUBT save so many lives.., I say, if you can’t vote and you’re not considered an adult , you SHOULD NOT be allowed to operate a 4 thousand pound machine of steel with a gasoline engine capable of going 100 miles per hour…

  13. I felt sick to my stomach at this scripted CNN trash that took place. The sheriff knew the kid was a danger to people, they had tip offs, reports, gees even David (my dad's an ex FBI and my mum works for CNN) Hogg is nothing more than a scripted crisis actor and in every single interview you can clearly see from the body language and eye movements he's script reading and rehearsed his lines just like the whole CNN town hall trash was.

    The sheriff and his deputies are responsible for not doing their jobs and protecting not only the innocent kids but the fact he'd not even protect members of the public but yet spews this CNN scripted garbage.

  14. The NRA keeps the government from taking all of our Firearms away and only advocates responsible gun use & ownership. Also, that mass shooting in a Texas Church last year, was stopped by a certified NRA instructor with an AR-15. Oh the irony… Lol

  15. You are an illegal adult at 18 and there are people between the age of 18 and 20 who no longer live with their parents, who either live on their own or with a roommate. They should be able, as legal adults, to own a weapon to defend themselves. They are already restricted from owning handguns and restricting long guns leaves them without the option of a firearm for defense.

    Also age is not even the factor in this shooting. The shooter didn't do what he did because he was 19, he did it because he was mentally ill and wanted to harm others. So this call by the left, and sadly also by President Trump, to raise the age to own firearms is pointless towards stopping mass killings. If people between the ages of 18 and 20 really are too young to responsibly own a rifle, then we ought to talk about raising the age at which you are legally an adult to 21. Because we could easily ask why 18 year olds can vote, serve in the military, or purchase cigarettes. They must not be responsible enough for those things either.

  16. I was just thinking of wearing a movie age to 21 to buy guns already know you can’t drink yet you can’t gamble maybe there should be a law that protects children for me and kicked out of their house to their 21 and we called Them adults at 21

  17. there are two ladies that you shouldn't bother debating because you will lose thats Dana loesch and Tomi lahren, two beautiful super intelligent women whom i admire for their intelligence

  18. I agree obviously with Dana and you Tucker ! But please lets not be too naive with this gun control issue ……. the sick fact of life is that the lefty liberal establishment does not want this kind and other kinds of shootings to stop …… they need the mass hysterics after each shooting for their sick power and gun grabbing political agenda to convince all the useful idiots that the only solution to this problem is disarming the honest American citizen ……. Madison was well aware of this fact when he wrote the second amendment ……

  19. The police in Florida just demonstrated clearly that the police are incapable AND unwilling to protect you and your children from psychopath shooters. So, the clear result NEEDS to be that ONLY the police be allowed to carry firearms. That's liberal logic for you.

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