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NHLPA Poll Results for 2018 – Viral Trends
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  1. The player I wouldn’t want to be my brother in law is hands down Sean Avery. I can’t stand him. Guy was legitimately great at being an agitator because I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen him that he hasn’t said or done something that gets under my skin. I don’t hate any man but I’ve got a very serious dislike for him.

  2. I have a question for yotes fans. I recently watched the sens-coyotes game this Saturday and couldn't help but notice Ekman-larsson's fantastic puck-moving ability. As a matter of fact, he was so good that it seemed like every time the sens dumped it in his zone, he would manage to be first on puck and make a great pass out of the zone under pressure. Therefore I didn't get a chance to see much of his defensive game. How good is he positionally( coverage and blocking passing lanes), in battles along the boards and in the corners and does he manage to clear the front of the net despite his average size( or does he try to block the shot like karlsson)?

  3. Amongst best ice rink is in Calgary which Bettman is desperately hoping to expel, and amongst the worst is in Sunrise, Glendale, and Raleigh, which Bettman is desperately trying to save. Isn't it ironic?

  4. No Kane for role model? Tortorella for coach they'd play for? ACC not winning arena/venue will for sure cause some heads to explode when trying to wrap around the whole "but x or y player has always dreamt of playing in ACC!" and tying in with reality.

  5. I know this isn't hockey related but do you think Toronto's basketball team name is unoriginal? To me it is very bland because of dinosaurs, something doesn't exist in Canada. I love Canada and it's great country but the shortest team name is laughable. Short names like Leafs and Jays are cool but the Raptors' short name is the Raps! Why!? I guess they were movie obsessed and wanted to do something cheesy and they wanted something hip hop related which made me puke. I have no idea why this is the silliest way to shorten names like the Raps. I believe Drake inspired this idea and makes me cringe even more. What do you think?

  6. As a Devils fan I’d have to say the best fans not being my own team I have to give it to Montreal. The Habs fans haven’t had a Cup since 1993, and their fans are very passionate, loud, and polite.

    The player I hate the most is Brad Marchand.

    What I wouldn’t want in a bro-in-law is don’t act like an evil Flyers fan.

  7. 439 people were part of this so like 12-15 people said he was the toughest
    literally they could have been all on Boston and still over half of Boston didn't say he was the toughest, so no, no one thinks he's tough

    god damn he hating on price this video

  8. Cooper ❤️❤️ 2nd best coach in the poll and Kuch for 4th most underrated player ❤️ Amalie should be one of the best to play in. And worst ice is the Panthers 😂 Surprised Tampa doesn't have the best fans. 2nd favorite forward growing up Yzerman!!

  9. My favorite forward growing up not on my team [Rangers] was Yvan Cournoyer. After he retired Denis Savard was my favorite. I also liked Steve Kasper of the Bruins too. I loved watching him play.

  10. some interesting questions to see:
    who would you like to play with on a top line?
    best 1 on 1 defenseman?
    who has the best hands?
    who is the fastest backwards skater?
    favorite moment from the current season

  11. I love when people call Crosby overrated or badmouth him, and then the players themselves are all "Crosby's the best". It's like, think what you want, but I'll trust the players, thanks. ☺️

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