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John F Kennedy ‘Ask not’ – Viral Trends
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  1. Aren't u supposed to be part of ur country?. So if ur country does for u, its doing for itself & if u do for ur country, ur doing for yourself right?

  2. Wish someone could tell this to anyone wanting rights when we already have equality in america. Stop asking for rights, start helping others who dont have them.

  3. President Kennedy was a great President and did alot for our country and the civil rights movement..Kennedy, because of his brother-in-law Peter Lawford and his close friendship with Frank Sinatra had a very close relationship with Sammy Davis jr and the rat pack gang.When Kennedy got elected he invited of course his personal friends including the rat pack then he disinvited Sammy Davis jr. when he found out he had married Swedish Model Mary Britt because she was white, that was quite a bit hypocritical

  4. Can anyone explain to me why the only real democrat gets assassinated? Seems like globalists communist from the fdr era had gotten sick of his true Americanism. Not falling along divisional party lines he is the opposite of the current incumbent and puppet Barack Hussein Obama. Smh

  5. A GREAT AMERICAN leader! Who fought and died for his Country! He was a democrat, but he wasn't a socialist or communist, he was 100% AMERICAN! Where are Men/Women like him nowadays?

  6. This is what we need to tell ourselves right now. As many of the people who would otherwise vote for Bernie have given up and are letting scam artists take our position, we need to step up and fix that. Even a little bit counts, so vote.

  7. A social awareness is crucial to any strong society. JFK knew that. Unaware, green behind the gill folks will not appreciate this fact, but we are social animals and the good of our society & country is definitely worth a few compromises to self interest.

  8. this is fucking stupid as shit. the government is our bitch, not the other way around. JFK was a horrible president and just because he was shot people think of him as great. this fucker nearly got us into a war with Russia twice. and told the American people that it was their job to care for the government, not the government's job to care for them. i hate this mother fucker.

  9. He was the last noble president. In 1963 it was made clear in broad daylight just what happens to a president who tries to govern for the country as a whole, and not the .1%. Since then, the guys have followed their orders.

  10. He did not mention the government. There is a distinct difference between the elected government and the bureaucracy surrounding it, and the country. The dream that is America is something that should be fought for. At times, our government has acted criminally and brutally, but we the people should strive for a better country. What can we do for our country? Work together to make it a better place.

  11. Fuck the Republican regressives who wanna make it harder to vote. I'm working poor and we make this country go. I ask myself daily how can I help my country I love. Not bash POTUS Obama for any little thing Fox News comes up with. God bless America & the greatest President ever JFK. We miss you Jack.

  12. Ever since Reagan, I will ask what my country will do for me. The Capitalist will ask what it's country can do for it's sockholders. The Socialist will ask what it's country can do for it's citizens.
    Hillary 2016

  13. Weird…. People are hailing this guy as the last great democrat.. Wanna know why? Ever since then Republicans always try to do what everyone wants, not what they need…. So we have gone in debt and had serious problems because of the fact the republicans try so hard to be president by giving what the rich and stupid want… And democrats have to try so hard to clean up the mess.

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