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Top 10 Superhero Movies That Changed Everything – Viral Trends

Top 10 Superhero Movies That Changed Everything

Top 10 Superhero Movies That Changed Everything Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/my/suggest.php Comic book movies often get…


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  1. My first superhero movie is Spider-Man, I enjoyed it but also not that interested. But Iron Man changed everything at least for me, from then on I ma watch every single superhero movie, marvel or dc they don't​ make much of a difference to me

  2. I'm fan of the X-Men, relegated mostly to movie knowledge than the comics, with X:Men DOFP being one of my top 3 fav superhero movies of all time. But there's no way that the 1st X-Men should be number 1 on this list when Spider-Man 1 and 2 and even the 2nd X-Men movie are not in here as honorable mentions! These are all much stronger films that achieved greater commercial and critical success than the 1st X-Men. The respective sequels to both franchises had much more iconic and game-changing moments with powerful messages to tell such as Peter truly learning the line "With great power, comes great responsibility" after he tosses it aside for much-deserved happiness. X-Men: United has a true human antagonist who shows Magneto and Charles fear of humanity not understanding the mutants come to a literal deafening paramount. The two sequels build of their strong predecessors and are much more deserving to be known as "Superhero Movies That Changed Everything"

    No hate, just passionate 🙂

  3. top 5 proper:

    1. Superman 78' – made the world believe a man could fly, started it all
    2. Batman 89' – changed the way all blockbuster movies were marketed in hollywood
    3. Avengers – changed the entire hollywood business model
    4. Spider-Man – first MEGA blockbuster comic book movie, set a huge standard and blew the X-Men movies away in production value, box office and merchandising
    5. X-Men – the first big budget movie people knew was a comic book movie since the old Batman films, can be swapped for Iron Man or Dark Knight imo

    2-4 can be interchanged in my opinion. to put Iron Man actually in the top 5 is questionable, but I can see it as it did kick off what the Avengers ended up validating. but to have X-Men as #1 is fucking absurd, flat out. not the best in terms of affecting hollywood business model, marketing, not a gigantic box office smash, not truly the first good Marvel comic movie (Blade). the cultural impact of X-Men is probably lesser than Wonder Woman and Black Panther. to put a movie like Deadppol on this list and not include one of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films….what the actual fuck? then again, watchmojo gonna watchmojo.

  4. WHY ARE BLACK PANTHER AND WONDER WOMEN SO LOW ON THE LIST? I disliked for that. Here's how your list should be: #4. "The Dark Knight." (2008) #3. "Black Panther." (2018) #2. "Wonder Women." (2017) #1. "The Avengers." (2012) #10-#5 can be filled with the rest of the movies on this list, movies like "Spider-Man" (2002) that should've gone into the honorable mentions category that you didn't go, or, because of that, any other ones that are going in Another Top 10 Superhero Movies That Changed Everything

  5. “Race of its protagonist aside…” Living proof that back then diverse casts received praise for their talent, not just because of the fact they were diverse. Because let’s be honest: if Blade were made today, it would’ve received the same high amount of praise as black panther and mostly because a black guy is in the lead role, not just because the movie is badass in its own way.

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