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My Video Poll Questions – Viral Trends

My Video Poll Questions

I explain how to answer a poll question on my video and provide a chance for you to see if you understood the training. I upload a new wood turning tip every Tuesday and a wood turning tutorial…


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  1. Ditto some comments below Mike. I did not know what the 'I' was for. Now I know. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you Mike for the ideas and inspiration you give me. I have emulated quite a few of your ideas (for my level of turning. Coming up to one year). From magnet pens and angels etc. These are given to friends and family. I will quite often post the finished product on Facebook. Although I thank you on your channel, I don't acknowledge the source on Facebook. An Australian Turner has had a Rant (rightly so) on YT, about Plagiarism and no Acknowledgement of the idea. From now on I will Ack.. Thank you again Mike

  2. To be honest with you mike, I probably didn't watch it. I follow several wood turners on youtube, but in the last year or so, have been disappointed in all of you. You all started with project videos. Now, Brendan Stemp doesn't do enough anymore, Carl Jacobson has just become an ad for whatever over priced gadgets he is pushing, who knows what the Wy. woodturner is doing anymore, and I really think Saban-Smith has gone off the deep end. please don't take this as a personal attack because I don't mean it that way. Maybe I just need to find an entirely new set of wood turners to follow other than the ones that I have literally learned all I know about the art. I really enjoy instructional on bowls, candlesticks, tea lights, just neat stuff. I'm sorry for the rant, but if you want honest, you just got it.

  3. I don't see the 'i' because I keep annotations off and it seems to be an annotation. I didn't see the 'i' at the end of this video. I don't turn them on either for anything because when I do that YT seems to think I always want them on and then I have to turn them off for every video I watch for weeks before they get it. I can give you answers in the comments though. 😀 – Heidi

  4. In fairness, Mike, sometimes you've posted the video without the poll. In those cases, I've not gone back to rewatch the video just to answer the poll question. It would be nice if YouTube allowed you to include a poll in the "SHOW MORE" section of your video notes. It would seem like a better place for a poll to be.

  5. Ah Mike, your videos are well done and the information you provide is much appreciated.However, you are running smack into basic human nature…In other words, SHEEP!Getting anyone to respond nowadays is like unto pulling teeth. Only the most extreme are likely to respond to any question on situation. Just be thankful you are not posting anything political or you would be seeing loud comments from both ends of the spectrum. Thanks for your positive video efforts.

  6. I didn't get the icon, either (as someone else wrote). Must be tied to ad blocking. I use Firefox. I would always happily answer your poll questions, Mike! But I gotta see them to answer them! I think others would, too, so that might be why you got such a low response rate.

  7. The issue for me is, I watch these videos on my AppleTV. There is no way to accomplish this, heck, You can’t EVEN LEAVE A COMMENT when you watch on the AppleTV. I had to jump on my Mac to leave this comment. Not sure why YouTube’s app is so awful! Heck, just now we are finally able to 👍🏻 and 👎 videos.

  8. I usually watch ever video an comment on some but I must have missed that one but I shave with a Disposable razor an a can of the foamy soap but when I started shaving back in 59 LoL it was a shaving mug an brush but I retired that in the New Mullion
    Thanks Mike sorry I missed that video

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