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Two FAMOUS Instagram locations, San Giovanni and Lago Di Braies landscape photography – Viral Trends

Two FAMOUS Instagram locations, San Giovanni and Lago Di Braies landscape photography

The lake Lago di Braies and the small church San Giovanni are two of the most famous locations for Instagrammers to visit. For landscape photography, the locations feel a bit crowded, but they are both very beautiful. In this video I’ll guide you around the area around both and what possibilities you have for photographing them.


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Comments 29

  1. Can't wait to see the next video about Berchtesgaden. I was there in 1995, and hopefully it's still as beautiful now as it was back then. Love your videos! Viele Gruesse aus den USA.

  2. Once again Mads, thank you for an amazing video, I loved the image of the random church you captured, it had a nice element of drama I thought, keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  3. Thanks for another fine video! But I’m not seeing the link to photo critique. I like you photography a creat deal found the choice between 6 images very interesting and enjoy you descriptions o your images. But would love to hear and see the critique vid.

  4. Thank you for this great video again and this amazing picture. I have one question? Which lenses you used. The picture with the isolated church and the background had a great sharpness from the foreground until the background!

  5. I'll be visiting Slovenia (from Australia) for a week of photography in April and noted Lago di Braies is only a 3 hour drive from lake Bled. I was briefly tempted by the idea of visiting but it quickly evaporated when I saw the scenes with mobs of tourists. Pity, it's looks stunning.

  6. Wow so beautiful! and an absolutely great video, so well made.. Thank you for sharing your adventures 🙂
    I found your channel through “Chris Sale” and im glad i did.

    I am still a small youtuber and really enjoying going out to shoot landscapes etc and show it to the world.

    Your videos are inspiring and i can learn a lot from them 🙂

  7. You always leave me wanting more! I actually really liked the image with the couple in the boat. I know they messed up anyone looking for a perfect reflection but I over-looked that.

  8. Mads, sublime images yet again and was wondering if there has been any occasions where you have visited and decided not to take an image. Also what was it you done to recover the image in photoshop that you spoke about in your video

  9. You make an interesting point Mads. Is social media spoiling some of the worlds iconic locations? Can they ever live up to the level of expectation and are we photographers to blame?

  10. always so nice your videos Mads. Going to the Dolomites this summer, I wanted to see the "Lago di Braies" the place is beautiful, but when I arrived there the magic has disappeared, too much tourist too much, this is the problem in our time all these known places are full of tourists who all want to get the same picture. During my trip I found another church less known but very pretty too in a stormy atmosphere visible here . https://www.flickr.com/photos/lebelge/37096952256/in/dateposted-public/,

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