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Trump Now At 75% Natl Polls Panicking Globalists – Viral Trends

Trump Now At 75% Natl Polls Panicking Globalists

Donald Trump is bringing America back and the globalists are losing their minds. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share…


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Comments 44

  1. I heard that the recent government shut down (by the Dems) was to nullify all of Trump's executive orders and that apparently needed a full year "of uninterrupted government" to come into effect. Apparently to fix that, he now has to sign them all again or they will be null. Can someone confirm this?

  2. Having President Trump as our leader is a dream..pure devine providence and intervention. God bless him and pray for his security – the Communists / Fabian class will not let go of hell easily

  3. Come on Alex, I like you shows but the 75% approval was actually the poll over his State of the Union speech about it being a positive message. Also, the poll showed that more Republicans were polled than Libtards. I agree that approval ratings of Trump are higher than the lying media says, but not 75% approval.

  4. Where are you getting this information alex? What polls are you seeing? Lot of people I know think he's a moron. I went from a die hard Trump supporter to an anti government centrist and not voting for him again and only before his first year of getting elected!!! What does that tell you? He just talks like every other Politician. His tweets are 80% ridiculous. I applaud the guy who deleted his account temporarily! Now you have fox news continuously praising all his words, and every move he does. Hannity distracts us after it turns out Trump did try to fire Mueller.
    No, I do not believe anything the fucking Democrats say either. Maybe a couple policies I like, but I definitely lean more republican. I cannot STAND Hillary Clinton period! Long before I even investigated into the Clinton cartel/body count, long before she ran for president back in '08. I listened to her speak, I never liked her, hated her speech, there was always something I never liked about her at all. She is the wicked witch of the west and real life cruella DeVille! Trump is turning out to be a snake oil salesman, con artist just as his predecessors and the like. Why all this glorification for Israel?! Both parties do this. I remember Obama praising them too!

    What's up with cutting common core? What about "elect me, you'll find out who knocked down the world trade center"? I know he's only been in office a year, but I pay attention to everything he's done and said, I like the VA reform, cutting some regulations, religious freedom. I am neutral about this tax cut, net neutrality thing and other stuff he's done. We'll see what happens. No more shithole comments, nuclear button tweets, stable genius, covfefe and having the press secretary say "oh a small group of people and the president know what he meant",

  5. The SOTU shows us that finally, at long last, we have a good old fashioned Democrat in office. Anti-war, pro-labor, and demonstrably fair to disadvantaged people. Not prejudiced in favor of minorities, just demonstrably fair.

  6. This is BS. Why would the Globalists be in a panic? Same uncontrolled growth of the police state and military industrial complex, same monetary policies, same war on drugs. Looks to me like the New World Order agenda is moving forward as planned using Trump as eyewash.

  7. look .. honestly when taking into account the entire makeup and demographics of the entire USA, white people are not close to being a minority yet.. blacks are only 13 to 16 percent of the U.S. population. The larger cities may look the way it is painted, and with sports and government jobs, and hollywood pushing a non white agenda, it is easy to give that appearance.. But it's not that way yet.. YET! But if we don't start having kids, taking care of our business and stem the tide on NON WHITE ONLY IMMIGRATION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, THAT DAY MAY COME. So let's protect ourselves while fighting for the safety of all people in our countries.

  8. That sotu speech is gonna get him relected only been in a year just wait for the other 3 years the dems r shitting there pants ur gonna find some of them hanging themselves soon America seen there true colors last night

  9. People still got their heads up their asses when you still believe MSM when they say he had the lowest ratings of any president in history to having a 75 percent rating or better in other polls. Tell me how that happen overnight if his rating was near or already at 75 percent, that now maybe it's over 80 percent now.

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