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Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers – Viral Trends

Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Ruby Rose, Hailee Steinfeld, and Anna Kendrick! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips…


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  1. Reasons being why Pitch Perfect 3 wasn’t better or not more successful than Pitch Perfect 2 Reason 1:were Because of the removal of the Treblemakers and the ToneHangers in the Pitch Perfect 3 film. Reason 2: The Film had too much Action and too much of Fat Amy. Reason 3:Pitch Perfect 3 barely had Stacie in it.(because she was pregnant in the movie). Reason 4: some of the scenes were removed that you see in the trailer like: 1:091:15 Serenity: Awwww you guys just sing other people’s songs like karaoke Bellas: karaoke? Nononono Serenity: Aw that’s so cute! and 1:361:37 juice all over Lily and 1:45 Amy: You’re not remembering the times when I have been awesome and 1:461:47 Amy pulled the buckle and Beca flew away and 1:54 Aubrey:Lets Aca-finish this Bellas: Wooh! Beca: Yeah! Chloe:Yes! and 1:57 the Fat Dingo Bitch yacht scene 1:57 Soldiers carrying Fat Amy and 1:59 Beca: I Live You Awesome Nerds! and 2:02 Fat Amy doing the thing and 2:04 Beca twerking( not sure wether that was twerking and 2:062:08 Fat Amy being bitten by dogs 🐕 and 2:212:24 they do really need to join the work force Reason 5: the date where the film was released, Pitch Perfect 3 was released 21 December 2017 which was the earliest in some countries. Reason why the box office was lower than Pitch Perfect 2 because it’s the Christmas season everyone needs to celebrate Christmas with their family allowing them to be busy and not able to make it as in not able to watch the movie Pitch Perfect 3 so this is why the box office of Pitch Perfect 3 is lower. Ps.This is not a hate comment of Pitch Perfect 3 And I do not hate the movie Pitch Perfect 3, I loved it, this comment is just to tell those people who are confused of why people hate/disliked the movie or why it wasn’t as successful as Pitch Perfect 2. The Box Office Of The Three Films: Pitch Perfect Box Office: 115.4 million USD (rank 3 of the three pitch perfect films Pitch Perfect 2 Box Office: 287.5 million USD (rank 1 of the three pitch perfect films) Pitch Perfect 3 Box Office: 179.7 million USD (rank 2 of the three pitch perfect films) Budget Of The Three Films: Pitch Perfect Budget: 17 million USD Pitch Perfect 2 Budget: 29 million USD Pitch Perfect 3 Budget: 45 million USD NEWS ANOUNCEMENT! There might Be A Pitch Perfect 4 here’s how it might happen ever since Pitch Perfect 2 has made a $184 million domestically. There’s every chance that the third movie will continue to do well at the box office, and in that case, it would make all the sense to continue the franchise with Pitch Perfect 4. The only question would be, “ Where do the girls go from here?” So this means if they hit more than $184 million in the Pitch Perfect 3 film, there’s a chance of Pitch Perfect 4! So don’t worry! Support us as a pitch perfect fan by watching the movie Pitch Perfect 3 tell your family members,Friends, parents,Siblings,Cousins,Teachers or even yourself to watch it every support would make a difference! Thank You!

  2. When they were having their Passports stamped it tells where each Bella except for Stacie were Born. Aubrey Posen (McLean, Virginia), Chloe Beale (Portland, Oregon), Beca Mitchell (Seattle, Washington), Ashley Jones (Middleton, New Jersey), Cynthia-Rose Adams (East Orange, New Jersey), Florencia Fuentes (Guatemala, but moved from there to Miami Florida before coming to Barden University), Emily Junk (Columbus, Ohio), Jessica Smith (Middleton, Wisconsin), Lilly (Esther) Onokuramara (Area 51, Nevada) and Fat Amy (Patricia) Hobart (Tasmania, Australia). I wonder where Stacie was Born, my guess is somewhere like Palm Springs or NYC. !!!

  3. I’ve gone to the theaters twice within two days lol to watch this and I really hope that stuff that wasn’t in the movie that’s in the trailers is on the dvd as an extended version not just deleted scenes. Overall though I loved the movie 🙂

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