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Is this the best street photography camera? Panasonic Lumix GX9 Review – Viral Trends

Is this the best street photography camera? Panasonic Lumix GX9 Review

Full review, more sample photos:

Panasonic Lumix GX9 Review – the best street photography camera?

This review was done on a pre-production GX9 with firmware 1.0

Camera gear used to film this review:
Panasonic Lumix G85
Lumix 12-60mm lens
Sennheiser MKE 400 microphone

African Drums (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/


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Comments 42

  1. Great review! I think this camera might be the ONE. There can be only one. I will need to record some external audio from time to time, but the other 364 days per year this looks like it will do it all with simplicity. Like.

  2. This is not a the successor to the GX8. This is a GX90! You f.. ed it up Panasonic. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT A PANASONIC GX9! No stupid joke of a flash, more dials, weathersealing and fully articulated screen.

  3. Your reviews are constantly getting better and better @Richard. I can concretely say you've went from virtually unknown reviewer to probably a Top 5 reviewer in the world. Well done sir.

  4. nice review, thx for that
    but i need to say that i am totally disappointed, no weather sealing and that viewfinder downgrade, just really wonder who they listen to, yeah what a shame

  5. Great job Richard, very in depth. It looks like a great camera but I'm disappointed about the direction Panasonic is taking. This is basically a GX85 replacement and a higher introductory price.

  6. I was waiting for this before I brought the G9 but I'm glad I didn't wait, I'm sticking with my GX80 as my street camera. What do you think when you compare the GX80 to the GX9?

  7. after waiting a while for the gx9, I am disappointed by this upgrade, I'll keep my gx8. when comparing the gripes I had about the gx8, I can live with those in that body than upgrade to the gx9. I cant see myself engaging in a comfortable shooting experience with this body

  8. People keep saying that the viewfinder is smaller than the GX8. Fine. But how is the EVF size compared to the GX7/ GX80/85? Stats on DPreview indicate it should be far bigger. GX85 is 0.7(0.35 equiv) and the GX9 is 1.39 (0.7 equiv). Can you confirm whether these stats are correct? Edit: Its looks like the stat for the GX85 is wrong. Its actually 1.39× (0.7× 35mm equiv.) On paper thats the same as the GX9 but the reality is that its 16:9 ratio so when shooting 4:3 stills it is effectively 0.57x equiv.

  9. Thanks for the nice review. And you are completely right, I did not replace my GX7 (which I love 😉) with the GX8 because it is too big. The real advantage of m43 is the smaller size of cameras an lenses. I am planning to replace my GX7 now an it will definitely be the GX9. Would have loved to get a better viewfinder, mic input and weather sealing but I can live with these tradeoffs for a rangefinder Style camera. Really appreciate the additional grip to have a small set with my 15mm Leica (and you are right, the combo looks perfect) and have the grip for my 100-400 Leica lens. I am a big fan of the silver version but it seems that it will not be available in Germany. But in your video the black one also looks very nice.
    Hope it does not take to long to get my copy.

  10. Puts it in perspective, meaner leaner. Might be nice, but maybe adjusting to idea of having 2 cameras to do both type photo opps well, street and sports/wildlife. Not so much pressure of one camera that does its style well. Adjusts what lenses to get too.

  11. nice video as always – thanks –      I am disappointed with the GX9-  I likewise I like the GX8 –   except it might be a bit thinner –  but other dimensions are nice – the EVF is great 
    There are not many Street Photography only shooters –  most like to Vlog so I question the users who do not like fully articulated LCD – but yes there are Pros and Cons with both – and would be cool if Panasonic offered same camera but one model with Flip and another with Articulated  
    I am very disappointed that Panasonic is now stopping the GX8 line –      To me this is just the GX85/80 with a 20mp sensor and some minor improvements –   
    and I think most owners will mount some longer zooms which requires a deeper and better grip –   I find it so much better to hold my GX8 vs my GX85 –     and I avoid the EVF on the GX85  but I love using the EVF on the GX8 – 
    Sill only Contrast based tracking AF  🙁
    The EVF is a total let down – being small –  most street shooters have opted for the Fuji Xt-1/2  as it is a nice size and good layout –  
    I personally also have the Fuji Xt1's and Xt-2 and find it so much nicer in the hand with a great EVF vs my GX85 –  which feels hard to hold and is actually quite heavy for its size –  and that stinking small EVF –     as it is not pocketable I would have like to see a smaller version of the G9 – with center EVF with large magnification –      many like the Fuji Xt20 but their biggest complaint is that the EVF magnification is to small –  
    I really thought the dimensions on the GX8 where great except it could be thinner – and grip a bit deeper –   a smaller body means fewer Fn buttons –      
    I really do not think Panasonic will have big success with the GX9 –   as users will opt for the GX85 for lot less with just about all the same features and size – but 16mp vs 20mp sensor – the GX85 has 16mp but also no Anti Alias filter so image clarity will be almost the same –
    Yes now a bit better JPG color rendition – but lots of street shooters shoot Raw or BW so not a major factor when it comes to save money and just getting the GX85/80

    I think Fuji XT20 and XT2 will continue to be the street shooters choice –

  12. 8:52 what lens used for this photo? I always wonder how to shoot this kind of bokeh in far away style(not sure what’s the name) and people say you must use Full Frame and fast aperture lens and tele price lens

  13. Hi Richard. Nice overview. You're very lucky to get to play with all these new toys before they hit the shelves! Love the new l monochrome d profile and grain effects. Do you think there will be a firmware update to add these features to the G9 (which I own)? I loved this similar feature on the Pen f.

  14. Great review Richard, thank you — subbed! I have rather a specific question: on my little GX800, when using my old fully manual lenses you can only use the electronic shutter, which leads to some horrible rolling-shutter effects. Have you tried the GX9 with any non-electronic fully manual lenses at all, and if so could you tell me if the mechanical shutter is enabled? Thanks!

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