DEEP Chinese Street Food Tour in Beijing, China | BEST Unknown Street Foods + PEKING DUCK

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  1. western people dont eat organs? but actually some organs are eally really nice and deli to eat. Do not say organs not good just because you have not tasted deli food

  2. Haha… of course the angry bitter men behind their keyboards are spend 20 minutes watching this dude living the dream, only to then let their frustrations shine in the comment field. Haha, wtf are you people doing with your lives?

    “This guy seems genuinely nice, and wow that food looks good, and I really like the format and his nerdy energy. And woah that girl he’s with is cute as a button. Man, I wish I was him. Now I feel bad about myself, need to remedy this quick:

    Trevor! Who do you think you are, going all deep into another culture, enjoying life and making others smile!? Huh!? And how dare you have an accent! And how dare you often repeat that things are awesome and that you are grateful when in a conversation?? We, the bitter keyboard warriors demand you stop trying and succeeding in life so that we can set the bar lower and still feel ok about it..”

    Jeeezuz. Bow down to this man. Go toe to toe with him in a round of Mandarin-scrabble, or shut your mouth why dontcha?

    Go Trevor! Found this nerdfest yesterday and I’ve been binging ever since. Love it!


  3. If you wanna taste the real Jianbing, you definitely should go to Tianjin. Because Tianjin is the original place.
    Ps: adding the lettuce really ruins the flavor. Jianbing sold in Beijing sucks.

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