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Top 10 Manga Cover Art – Viral Trends

Top 10 Manga Cover Art

The Top 10 Best Manga Volume Covers (2018) – the best cover art on the front of a volume of manga! Leave your own Top 10 favourite manga cover art lists down below!! It’s quite hard to narrow…


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  1. I am very surprised with your picks for the places 4 through 10. Very interesting to see the reasoning as well :]

    Mine in no particular order are:
    Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma – Vol. 17 (Just love the colours and the composition and what it represents in context of the volume itself. Food Wars has a ton of great volumes but this one is my favorite so far)
    Black Lagoon – Vol. 1, 9 and Vol. 10 of the special Japanese edition (Volume 1 just wreaks of so much badassery and I just love the pose and face that Revy rocks on it. Volume 9 has a crazy Roberta in ready to hunt. The lighting and colours are mostly what I love about that cover. Volume 10 of the Japanese special edition – the box art it comes in. My god is Revy cool and sexy on it. My of the most expensive volumes I've ever bought, but man-oh-man was it worth it)
    All You Need is Kill – Vol. 1 (I love pretty much any cover by Takeshi Obata, but this one is my absolute favorite)
    Freezing – Vol. 1 (The reason I started to read it. She is just so fking cool. It's like a more serious take on the Highschool of the Dead covers)
    Hellsing – Vol. 7 (My favorite characters with great expressions and nice colours. Not as harsh as the art inside the volumes but that change in feel is really good imo)
    I"s – Vol. 5 (Just one of the prettiest cover arts I've ever seen. The photo realism is just too nice)
    Prison School – Vol. 7, 24 (I love every single one of the covers [except 2] but these ones speak to me more. 7 has the best principal in any manga showcased in full serious glory [great story in that volume]. 24 is just so stylized I could stare at it for minutes on end with infinite admiration to Akira Hiramoto)
    One-Punch Man – Vol. 8 (my favorite character in terms of design – King, and the way the characters take the situation so seriously while being super heroes. Fantastic)
    Yuki to Sumi – Vol. 1 (it's a cancelled series with 12 chapters that doesn't even have all chapters turned into a volume. That cover stuck with me way before I even read it. I think the composition and feel it gives are great)
    Tokyo Ghoul – Vol. 11 (so brutal and such beautiful digital water colours. Sui Ishida has a great sense of colour)

    And my absolute favorite cover (for now):
    Devils' Line – Vol. 1 (made me buy the series. I didn't even know it was manga at first. I was sure the shop made a mistake and this is some cool comics art. My god I feel like a stupid edgy teen for loving it so much but it's seriously the coolest cover ever to me. Great series btw)

    I used to forget to use an affiliate link when I ordered from BookDepository so one day I just put your affiliate link in my favorites bar and been using it ever since. I made an affiliate link since then myself and some people have used it. Really great way to support people who introduce you to new things or just thanking them that way for the entertainment they provide. Thank you for the fun videos :]

  2. My favorite HxH cover is definitely vol. 26 as it shows the series taking a darker turning point, with Kite’s death affecting Gon a lot. Also Chimera Ant Arc is best arc imo.

  3. 1 boku no hero academia vol 16
    2 berserk Volume 38
    3 hxh vol 34
    4 Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Vol. 22
    5 Kingdom #33
    6 attack on titan vol 13
    7 one punchman vol 7
    8 one piece vol 59
    9 Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 24
    10 naruto vol 4

  4. Fantastic vid mate! May have to do one of my own sometime down the line! (PS: Steel Ball Run volumes are all in the top 10 😉 )
    Must ask what the name of the background music is!! I feel like I have an idea where its from but can't put my finger on it aha

  5. 1. Fullmetal Alchemist volume 27
    2. Rurouni Kenshin volume 28
    3. 20th Century Boys volume 20
    4. Blade of the Immortal volume 1
    5. Food Wars volume 21
    6. Saint Seiya volume 3
    7. Eyeshield 21 volume 32
    8. My Hero Academia volume 11
    9. Berserk volume 28
    10. Slam Dunk volume 31

    All of Pluto’s volume covers, Oyasumi PunPun volume 7, Naruto volume 72, and Hunter X Hunter volume 35 are honorable mentions.

  6. Nice man I was kinda waiting when u will be out with ur next video, I got most of them in my list too coz tbh ur manga taste is the same as mine and i really like that about your videos and no doubt nothing can take vagabond's worthy place at no.1

  7. is that a cover of The Copied City from Nier: Automata playing in the background? idk, i might be crazy, but if it is, mad respect; literally THE most incredible soundtrack (and game, yeah) last year

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