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Top 10 Best JRPG Heroes – Viral Trends

Top 10 Best JRPG Heroes



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  1. I have to say Adol Christin. Not actually a fan of Ys games, but that guy saved the world a bunch of times, a world where every continent has an evil villain that wants to destroy the world. I seem to lost count… Saving the world every time a new threat comes along.

  2. Ness and Sora were absolutely ranked properly. And of course Cloud Strife is number 1. He is probably the most relate-able and bad-ass protagonists in JRPG history. Alis Landale definitely deserves a place on this list, though not number 3, that spot should have gone to Crono, seriously. But how can you give place to any silent JRPG protag without mentioning Dragon Quest. So many great options, and you completely missed the mark. Any of them could have, and should have, been number 2.

  3. I'm final fantasy 7 fanboy I grew up with this game and cloud is my favourite charecter in the final fantasy series. With that said I think yuri is better as a charecter he deserved to be on top of this list imo

  4. hmmm i dont know but..squall much better than cloud..i have played ffvii and ffviii and i think squall is more interesting character than cloud..oh yeah and you forgot lenneth valkyrie..she's deserve on the list..

  5. I personally disagree with the number one spot. If you absolutely had to make it so there was a Final Fantasy hero to choose… You should make it because they were actually a good hero and their personality was either extremely relate-able or they are just likable on their own….

    Think about it, Cloud would just be another boring semi-silent mercenary if he didn't have Barret on his case about everything, or Tifa trying to stay at his side. Final Fantasy 7 had a cast of characters that helped his status along, but without them… He's actually extremely boring… He's basically a lot like Squall from the next in the series, actually. Melodramatic, anti-social and blunt enough to keep conversations at a minimum because he finds talking to others troublesome… They are the same character in a different dimension of Final Fantasy.

    That aside, if the events didn't happen as they did he'd just be doing a mercenary job to get by (which will actually be in tune with the person I'm inclined to mention…)

    I say this as opposed to perhaps Final Fantasy 9's protagonist, Zidane. He's a bandit who happens to be some what of a flirt and always looking for adventure, while he's already met others (such as Freya) pre-events. He was a member of a bandit troupe that did plays while carrying out heists. He's fun-loving and if the other characters weren't around to share the spotlight, he'd be just fine on his own in terms of carrying the story on his back. He's clearly not bound by duty as he literally leaves the troupe to go off on his own quest, which is the opposite of what Cloud was with Avalanche or any "main" protagonist of Final Fantasy, prior (many were bound to their kingdoms or status).

    … Other than that, there were some good picks! Nice job.

  6. Good choices overall but how can you put Yu Narukami instead of P5 or P3 protagonist. Yes he has the most games but the other two had way better looks, were way smarter than him and definitely were better with the ladies.

  7. No Terra(FFVI), no squall(FFVIII), no Cecil(FFIV), no ryu(BOF), no tidus(FFX), who made this list you have one person from final fantasy the most successful JRPG of all time, I could easily have a top 10 list with only characters from final fantasy.

  8. I know this is based on your own opinion but… really, Sora isn't a good character at all, and even if i love FF VII Cloud doesen't deserves the first place. Yuri Lowell is by far the best protagonist of all you listed. Oh, and play Radiant Historia, it's not only an amazing game, his main hero (Stocke) is one of the best too.

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