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Great Pick Up Line to Pick Up Girls at a Bar – Viral Trends

Great Pick Up Line to Pick Up Girls at a Bar

For the full article, go here: http://www.doubleyourdating.com/meeting-women/secret-being-naturally-cool.html?s=74613 David DeAngelo exposes one of his favorite pick up lines for guys. His…


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  1. all of it lasts for a time then its over, she's hired a lawyer and your gonna pay-–the answer? MGTOW all the way,, because all they want is money ppl. say it after me ——– money. and if you have it, your in. but if your sporting a 1997 toyota corolla wearing your duds from 5 years ago and working nite shift at a packing plant—- good flipping luck

  2. He was right about the trading information thing that is very effective but only if youve created a friendly rapport. And the rest of it is bollocks. All the rest really depends on the individual. Being pushy for very many women is not at all attractive.

  3. bullshit snake oil salesman. any guy who believes this are socially retarded. women are more shallow than guys and have a 1 in a million guy mentality.. That's why most guys can't strike up an extended conversation at a bar no matter how subtle or mature they come off.

  4. I usually get to the bit where she gives me her phone ok, but then if its a nice and expensive phone I feel a bit threatened…so at that point I tend to flee the area. Later I sell the phone and purchase some crack to make me feel better about my life.

  5. OK..I think I agree. I would probably be impressed. So far, Id say he knows what he is talking about. Although…I'm not sure I would ever give someone my phone number just like that, not even if I liked them.
    But yeah, no matter what girls say, they do like a man that takes charge. 

  6. @Dylan Foster: Complimenting her will only elevate her perceived value.

    In pick up, you should focus on elevating your own value.

    Don't feed her ego.

    If anything, you're better off hitting her with a playful insult to lower her perceived value while using "cocky comedy" to increase yours.

    Hit up "the alpha mindset, com"..

    The guide and course on there is free and it does a good job teaching this stuff.

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