Fashion and Nude Photography Tutorial – Course Introduction by Ryan

We are glad to introduce our Online Fashion and Nude Photography course conducted on our Level 3 Website It is an one stop learning solution for everyone who is interested in learning fashion photography or Nude Photography whether as a hobbyist, part time or full time career.

This video is an introduction to our upcoming course which will will be full length tutorial consists of
1. Finding Inspiration for the shoot
2. Styling
3. Makeup
4. Lighting
5. Shooting
6. Post Production

Every tutorial will be taught with the help of professional models who will also give insights on modelling tips, poses and techniques. Video Tutorials should be used along the with E-book and Chapters which are provided as part of course. Appropriate reference to chapters are given in video tutorial wherever possible.

Currently we are at developing stage of our video tutorial. Hence, we are giving 80% Discount on our course fee to invite students who are interested in giving feedbacks and suggestions on our new course.

You can join the course by clicking on the following link

To Explore Fashion Photography Galleries of Indian Models in Bikini, G-String, Microkini, Saree, Indian Wear etc… visit



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  1. Yes Ryan please leave shy models . If one video you upload that is enough for viewers . But with out head model photography is dead photography . Check it world wide no good photographers do that . So below viewer comment is absolutely right and your are a good photographer . Please not do work with shy girls or models

  2. Please avoid shy models . If any model with out head is an iron arch , leave that type models . If you do one video that is enough good . Please avoid shy models . We need genuine photography . If we see a video we must know its living video . You are a good photographer

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