Wildlife and Waterfall Photography in Glencoe | Scotland Landscape Photography Vlog | Part 2

The second vlog from my trip to the scotland, for day two I’m looking to fill another slot on my waterfall calendar but I also make time to photograph some very tame deer and grab and take on a little opportunist landscape photography.
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  1. Another fine video Tim. Should have put some carrots near the woods and he may have moved over for you. Amazing how much wildlife gets used to having us around. We have some very spoiled white-tail deer here that will eat from your hand as well. Makes for easier photo opportunities though. As we take more and more of their space for our suburbs, we will start to see animals either adapting or being lost to our thirst for more space.

  2. great video mate, really enjoyed that one. not that I don't enjoy your other stuff . cant hardly believe you hand fed a deer . January shot is amazing , calendar looking really good. hope you find a good printer soon. all the best, nick 🙂

  3. Cracking shot's of the Deer, worth the food mugging!.The falls with the impressive peak of Stoab Dearg in the background are fantastic, really need to get up there this year it's been too long (11 years to be precise)

  4. Loving the enthusiasm of your vlog especially at the end 😀
    Great photos of the dear and the final image of the waterfall.. epic, well worth getting soggy boots for. Looking forward to the publication of your calendar.

  5. Great Deer images and a fantastic calendar image. You could have removed the water spots on some of the other images in post though 😉 Usually my trick leaving them in 😀

  6. Very fun Vlog! I thought the pictures of the deer were wonderful. Especially the one black & white one you had with a nice close up portrait of one. Keep up the great work Tim! Cheers from Boston!

  7. Wow, Tim – a very worthy addition to your Calendar – another great build-up to the final image "reveal" from an absolutely stunning location. My favourite image is at 7:44 – the way you have caught the sunburst through the tree and the light on the ground and mountain is exceptional! That was definitely a good day! Many thanks, Tim.

  8. I always enjoy and look forward to your waterfall photography. The calendar shot was magnificent. I thought the wildlife shots were great and really showed off the beauty of the animals. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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