Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting – BBC News

At least two people have been killed and 24 others wounded in a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert. A gunman opened fire at an open-air country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel…


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  1. fake it all happened at or near end of concert when majority of people were leaving anyways… same thing with stupid Arianna fake bomb event…. why would someone wait till end of event when obviously a random time near middle or after starting would net best results….. the guy was shooting downwards with automatic rifles… it would be a literally a slaughter house if this event was even remotely true… let alone plenty of footage with the two fake videos of hotel room showing event is already cleared out when gun fire going on, and the fake camera man trying to "help people" lol yet doesn't put camera phone down once lol. and tons of daytime photos of "fbi" clean up way after the fact and not single image has popped up that shows any sings this area had seen any kind of battle…in a day and age when even little kids have expensive drones.. not to mention also one of the largest tourist areas in…. break out the sharpies and gold blankets..this new year is ramping up with some awesome fake event already .

  2. I just got a " what happens in Vegas stays in vegas" ad on YouTube on Dec. 5 2018. That shouldn't happen. I'm in California.are those youtube ads updated or are they just old ads?????the ones that u can tap "skip ad."

  3. So what now? Too many people are against banning guns(not that its the most reliable action anyway), and even if they did, there are many more weapons that can be made (bombs, poison gas, etc.). The root of the problem is psychology, not weaponry. I don't have the experience nor information to give a legitimate solution, but at least I can say that prevention is what needs to be focused on.

  4. Believe your own eyes, think for yourselves. World is a lie as media portraits it. This "mass shooting" is far from the truth. Check out other sources if you want to know more in-depth about this incident. Read some of the info i have gathered, i left many links so that you can investigate too. Watch both side of the story and make up your mind. Never be biased to media, specially about these things.

    The picture they show you on Wikipedia ( Stephen Paddock in the club, holding a drink), it is from a man nicknamed "the Atlantic city man"
    who's seen in a video AFTER the incident the 6 of October 2017 ALIVE and gambling. the video was posted by a gambler on twitter and
    it was taken down but reposted again by many people who luckily saved it. here is the video

    The dead man found in the 32nd floor of the Mandalay hotel was not "club Stephen Paddock" because it did not had
    the "13" tattoo on his neck as the "Club stephen paddock" had. They also dont show ANY other picture of thier supposedly dead
    "Stephen paddock"

    Now this will be a assumption by me: "club Stephen paddock"'s brother is Bruce paddock supposedly ( )
    but if we look closer at Bruce paddock we can see that he looks very much like the young pictures of "club Stephen paddock". in fact they are identical, just that
    Bruce paddock is like 15 years older than "young club Stephen Paddock". this thing is so missed up and complex that
    one just wants to not think about this.

    The victims showed were not their true names. nor they were dead. victims are alive and like half of them attended
    to the same institution called Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007. skip the first half of the video

    There is a video where you can see both crisis actors and real dead people. and mysterious things like "no ambulances",
    "lights turns off for no reason".

    There is a video of the FBI cleaning up and painting everything. the job of cleaning is not supposed to be done entirely by the FBI
    also in the very long hd footage we can see that there are no bullets holes. as if the "shooters" were in the ground.

    There are people reporting multiple shooters. Others say those are no real gun shots. Also there was report of a woman who said
    "you are all gonna die tonight"

    A lot of lies Las Vegas Police said, including the information on the "hero security guard", the date paddock registered in Mandalay hotel,
    the time of shootings and police reports doesnt add up.

    45mins after the Las Vegas shooting, there was an UNREPORTED Bellagio Hotel shooting.

    There is no video footage of people being shot, only running and hiding. I havent found ANY real human dead. all supposedly dead are fakes or alive.
    probably they have killed 2 or 3. and neither those 500+ injured. believe your own eyes, question everything. including this.


    Questions remain unanswered about Las Vegas shooting timeline (7:01mins)

    Forensic acoustic proof of second shooter in las Vegas massacre (29:09mins):

    Witness To Bellagio Hotel Shooting 45 Min After Mandalay Bay Massacre Speaks Out (9:18mins):

    Vegas Shooting Taxi Driver's Video (18:39mins):

    Now dont believe any of this. i recommend you to check the official story (or rather stories) and check real footage from many people that were there
    like the taxi driver's video (18mis). Do not listen to all the drama that the media portraits and just focus on your own analysis.
    Believe what you think and see for yourself. World is a stage, let's wake up!

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