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Why I LOVE this lens for all things Food Photography.

BEST FOOD LENS OF LIFE – http://a.co/dM2jsnd
MUSIC I USE – https://goo.gl/VtJ8m3
BUY MY BOOK – http://amzn.to/2BFb6SO
FOLLOW ME ON INSTA – http://bit.ly/2yVkC1H
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MAIN CAMERA – http://a.co/3mRmipu


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Comments 32

  1. Love your channel and your cookbook – absolute next level and making Canadians proud. I’d love to hear about incorporating lighting for your photography and videos. It’s something I really struggle with and as a consequence I end up having a limited period in the day when I’m comfortable shooting in ambient natural light.

  2. Follow you on Insta. Found you via PM. Now YT subn, too. Lucky us! Excellent vid…story, gear, shots, details, big pic ~ tying it all together. Yes, more of this please. ••• Melody and Vincent

  3. thanks for this! I am a Freelance Chef for years and I want to get into making a book and great insta and youtube content. you are a inspiration man. Ps. can i buy a signed edition of your book anywhere?

  4. New to food photography and I take pictures/ videos with just my iPhone but want/need a dsrl camera. I own a catering company so want to use it for events and also food I cook at home. I'm a husband and a father of two so spending a crazy amount of money is out. So what do you recommend I can start with that will get the job done.

  5. Thanks for sharing your secrets, I will definitely look at my macro lens differently now. I would love to see your process for your amazing flat lays. Your food looks fresh and delicious so I wonder how long it takes to compose and how you keep everything looking good.

  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you (Yeah I typed that 3x lol). I've been saying the Canon 100mm macro is THE most underrated L lens out there. If the "ideal" portrait focal length is between 85 – 135mm then why aren't people talking about this guy. I've shot tack sharp portraits and even sports photography with this lens. It's fast, sharp, light and affordable (in comparison with other L lenses). The fact that this lens can pull double duty as macro and portrait lens makes it truly amazing. I rarely hear anyone praise it for anything other than macro so this was great to watch. Thank you Dennis, I agree 100%. (subscribed-boom!)

  7. That 100mmMacro is a stunning lens. It's always in my bag as a food industry photographer. I team it up with a 24-70 for most of the shoots. There's something about the focal length, when I switch to it, I almost always get a beautiful view point and shot. It's amazing how different it looks from, say, 70mm. When I first started using the 100 Macro I found myself exclaiming something a little rude, but fir amazing reasons. FB is the nick name for it now… (Filthy B***h) And that IS is freakin amazing!! Haven't used it on video yet… Can't wait to give it a go.
    I also use it for portraits, restaurant details, and I'm going to head out and just shoot with it, just for fun. Get some food related shots I may not usually get, and some cool storytelling.


  8. Go to lens lately has been the 16-35mm. Been using it everyday for the past few months with my job. Would love to see how you break down your scene in how you arrange your photos & how to make the dish pop.

  9. Such an inspiration! I really enjoyed watching this video, u r awesome…. please consider shooting a tutorial on how u photoshoot ur food pictures, starting from cooking until posting it in instagram …. @mwa6nah

  10. I love this dude but before I found his YouTube I followed his Instagram and watched him in interviews but why does he talk completely different here than in interviews? I’m not trying to be a prick I’m just confused lol.

  11. I'm a Chef and I love your work. I am always snapping pics for the restaurant and want to know some basic tips and tricks for smartphone food pics as well as what lens, apps, modes to use. Cheers love the work you do

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