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The best laptops you can buy for 2017 – Viral Trends

The best laptops you can buy for 2017

Check out our CES 2018 live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1tRrPiRo00 The latest generation of laptop computers provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality, and outstandin…


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  1. If you need a laptop go to your local Office of Vocational Rehabilitation they just bought me a $1,500 Dell Latitude 5480 for free because im going back to school

  2. I would want a gaming computer, good screen size, and all the good stuff like that for the cheapest price possible. What would you recommend and how much is it? Also another thing, I don't want it to be Windows 10 Style, because if I download Minecraft on it, it would be the Windows 10 Edition, which is just like Pocket Edition, but on a laptop.

  3. For people who like MAC OS or the brand? lol give me a break. MAC OS is great and has an interface that a lot of people prefer, why can't you guys just accept that?. And also, macbooks in general just has that look that is more ''expensive'' for people in general. Yes there will always people who just buy it for the brand, but not all of them do lol. And then some people will start arguing, oh but the price point bla bla bla. Yet people still buy streetwear clothes or yeezys (because they like the look and trend) for like 1000$+ yet nobody says anything. But when it comes to apple products, they start screaming and mocking people. I just don't get people lol.
    PS I used to have macbook pro 2013 but got it stolen, now i own the ASUS republic of gamers ROG strix (same price point) but I still hate the windows 10 interface (after 1 year) so, some people just prefer MAC OS.

  4. I think dell is the BEST out of all of them, it lasts longer than the other ones, and even for non-gaming, it's the best for gaming between all of them. But whatever you do, DON'T buy an acer

  5. "The best", honestly are these laptop as durable as macbook? It's the only criteria, i am looking for. Not an Apple fanboy but my sister macbook is still good since 2012. I am looking for a laptop to write/stream video, a student laptop, I don't want to have problem with it. I happen to own lots of windows laptop before, all ended up broken… My sister only had 1. Are dell as durable?

  6. What happened to the IBM thinkpad idea to have a computer you can easily use without touchpad? Trackpoint was a great idea for someone who wants a small, reliable and efficient notebook (small keyboard), work anywhere, on the lap, on a train or tram, easily. Just looking for a new notebook, while using an old X61ibm…and panicking…
    I love the track.. It´s just faster when you learn to use it. Why does nobody do it anymore? Is it more expensive? I hate to be pushed to "paw" myself through the phones, laptops, tablets.. It´s only good enough to show off a holiday photo but to have any work done??? Even the book reader I got.. the cheap one with two or three buttons was working better than the one with no buttons at all.. Is it impossible to work things using buttons and scroll bars? I want to be in controll of what I want to do and work on my comp. Not just show youtube videos to sb.

  7. I have a Lenovo laptop, so I know why they didn't include Lenovo in their list. My Ideapad 500 is only about 2 years old, and last night, it completely shut down on a simple reboot. (Through a Google search, I discovered that I'm not the only Lenovo owner with this issue.) And I paid right at $900 for it. The audio is crappy, by the way. I wont be buying another Lenovo.

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