Product photography tutorial. Learn photography & professional studio photography techniques.

Learning photography, especially professional photography can be a real challenge especially when you’re using a lot of studio lights and trying to capture a specific emotion of a photography scene.

Here’s a great photography studio product shoot tutorial using multiple lights.

Capturing the right emotion for this type of shot can be a bit of a challenge so I explain each step, one at a time as I build up to the final image.

Enjoy the tutorial & please share with your photography friends.

All the best,
Karl Taylor

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Comments 49

  1. Very nice example/demonstration. Without all this gear, how much of these effects can be added post processing with lightroom/photoshop? Any suggested vids/tutorials?

  2. The overhead light also seemed to nicely bring out the red in the glass of wine, more so than the red light coming in from the side.

    Would you have been able to bring out more red from inside the bottle by having a small light with a snoot or something directly behind the bottle shooting light into it, or alternatively shining up through a hole in the wood surface that the bottle is sitting on?

  3. You do indeed provide a valuable service to us all. I'd only comment that the generic glass you chose doesn't do much to complement the wine. You probably chose it so as not to overshadow the bottle, I expect

  4. I love your tutorials and i have also bought your courses!!! I have learned a lot, I also teach to poor boys and girls , so that they can have a skill to use it and earn some living!! we dont have the lighting setup like you but i have made my own lighting setup.
    Please dont stop your Product Photography tutorials , as many lives have changed through your tutorials. All i can do is to Pray for your Success and Happiness in your life and your children!!!

    Thank you

  5. Well done and big fan Karl. Curious, do your product totorials address ways to tackle projects with a lower budget? I'm sure most of us followers are wishing we had our studio as complete as yours. Getting there but a little ways to go 🙂

  6. That looks really good, though I wonder, what goes into planning a shot like that? There are many small details that really convey a certain feeling with the shot, along with the attention to detail for the lighting.

  7. Because of the Karl Taylor videos, I started learning about photography. I do not miss a single video. I owe him a lot. Because of him, I get lucky from time to time to create great photographs.

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