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Photography is now a Felony, who knew?? – Viral Trends

Photography is now a Felony, who knew??

A visit to the local tax collector ends in a disappointment. Unfortunately, the first 10 min of footage was lost due to a malfunction. There I asked several questions about the how long it had been at this location, the different types of taxes, and a chance for them to set the record straight about being labeled “the bad guy”. I think this was a total fail and accountability was thrown out the window.

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Comments 40

  1. Please start informing these piss poor examples of government employees that if they don't like being filmed then they need to take their whiny asses the fuck off our tax dollars and go get a private-sector job. Please I beg you to fucking start telling them that, because I would. She has such a contempt look on her face because you're not just obeying, she has no care for actually learning the law she hates people who know better than her. Again I beg you to put it in their face and tell them they are paid for by us they serve us if they don't like being held accountable to take their asses to a private-sector job

  2. I've always been any understanding that not allowing a person to exercise their constitutional right is a felony. So does this woman and her husband even realize that they are the felons here? Or have they just decided to ignore and deny what I'm pretty sure they already know.

  3. I don't get it. You lose the first ten mins of film.Then the video ends short.So we don't know how it ended. Why did you even post this video ? And how the fuck does it have over 300 likes ? Hey i love people who make these videos and i have subbed. But honestly man.This video sucks

  4. Nothing unusual here , this is just typical behavior of Pa. officials , uneducated , self serving bossy fuckwits .Maybe she and the Twp.supervisors need a dose of Fields v. Philadelphia .

  5. Dude,,,, you are SO WRONG. she just told you, she paying her rent for that space. Thats means she has a say so in that building. If the taxpayers are paying the rent, you would have a case, But here you're wrong. She told you, SHE"S PAYING her rent herself. Respect her and leave. I hope you do get arrested.

  6. Oaths are sworn to uphold our laws and rights 100% of the time, without EVER violating them, prior to participating in the functions of law enforcement, elected position, and the courts. POINT: Constitution-minded public servants and law enforcement will NEVER violate the rights of citizen-auditors to arrest them by using motive as probable cause – whether it be money, Internet fame, or oath-testing. Give auditors credit for recognizing it is gross misconduct on the part of public officials that has created the convenient opportunity. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, if you will. Keep up the determined push back.

  7. Does citizens visit government facilities with eyes closed because doesn't make much difference if you can SEE some one or film same person you saw exactly same thing other was saved to your memory and other to SSD card.

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