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Loudmouth Melvin – My Top 10 List – Viral Trends

Loudmouth Melvin – My Top 10 List

Loudmouth Melvin – My Top 10 List Loud lists his top 10 mcs in the UK also his top 10 djs, female mcs and underrated mcs. Who’s in your top 10? put yours in the comment section.


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  1. Giggs should ov been closer 2 da no 1 spot & were"s Devlin or Lowkey ?. Cum on bro u said ur going off skill if so were r Lowkey & Devlin cause dey r beasts on da mic & der word play u cant get much betta. But i aint dissin u cause i like ur music keep doing ur ting fam. Its just my opinion. safe yh.

  2. @dephect314 thanks bro. opinions differ i suppose…since i made this my top ten has probably changed 50% lol

    the track you're after was called 'Straight Spitting' & it's me & Mentalist on it search for it on my channel


    skill – 10 out of 10.
    but what your spitting.. i cant get with and do not rate.
    what you spit, is your music, ie YOU. (obviously)
    so i commented on the artist, not the skill. SAFE….

  4. no stylah, smiler, devlin, P money, Lowkey, remus and more to the point chester P. wow loudmouth, ratted u before i cam across this. CHIPMONK? i can find 17year olds in many estates who will take him out tomorrow. on a professional note, Remus could have taken the place owned by the kid who sings bout sweets n flowers.. lol..

  5. @gregtube88 You just said Giggs is lyrical OHHHH my days now i kno u dnt kno music! – Black the ripper now thats lyrical , Giggs is washed ! and like i said ! IMPACT!! whos made more impact than chipmunk? at such a young age hes made it bigg! weather hes a sellout or not. Giggs isnt lyrical his music has no meaninng to it, so to say articulate and lyrical is a par within itself

  6. @javen33333333

    Behave yourself. Chipmunk is a sell-out little tool.A laugh. A joke. A mug. Giggs is a great lyricist and an articulate man. You don't get many of us to the pound, you know.

  7. This is the real top ten

    Going from skill and impact .

    1. Kano
    3.Chipmunk –
    4. Devlin –
    5-double s
    6-Black the ripper –
    7-Plan B I dont know if he counts in this as a mc but hes definately sick sum ppl dnt really feel him but they dnt kno good music
    8- Dot Rotten
    9 Rinse – even though he hasnt put out alot hes flow and content isamazing and he merked da whole scene in one tune .
    10 Skepta ! always will be in this

  8. doogz is best no dubt then trim or flirta D
    and your underrated top ten list is fire man i agree with it but doogz is the best man anyway to eah his own big production too

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