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John McAfee Polls Reveal a Small Bit About the Crypto Community – Can Fiat and Crypto Co-Exist? – Viral Trends

John McAfee Polls Reveal a Small Bit About the Crypto Community – Can Fiat and Crypto Co-Exist?

Get the Apps! ☆ http://cryptoyum.com ☆ http://coinpuffs.com 10 Days of Bitcoin: Free Email Course! ☆ http://10daysofbitcoin.com John McAfee is having a few moments these days…


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  2. They will coexist for many more years. I don't like John and think most of his followers are not the savviest out there, so the pollbase is pretty skewed towards those just hoping to find easy money and a lot of ppl who don't know what they're really investing in.

  3. Mortgage is a french word ie: mort=death gage = pledge and so the way of fiat as it is intrinsic in it's nature. So rather than fixing a broken and dying system I believe that cryptos will make it obsolete! Let's just hope that the powers that shouldn't be, don't infiltrate and corrupt from within, as they so like to do.

  4. Fiat and crypto will not coexist. Once the crypto infrastructure is adequately in place and the ease of use in all aspects of society, the deep state is going to pull the plug on the fiat bubble. They will launch those fiat helicopters and run the stock market up as high as possible along with all the other debt based assets the POP ! It’s the cryptos that will save all of us from wipe out. Don’t forget to mix in a little silver and gold, too.

  5. I see banks coming out with their own coins and asking the gov't to make it legal tender. Every new account gets 10 free coins and Existing accounts get early access to ICO.

  6. Crypto is the Banks creation to get rid of fiat. Both will be around until all the Millenials have adopted digital currency completely. Once fiat use is so low to be irrelevant the Banks will show you they are in absolute control of ALL the money in the world. Of course, it's going to take at least another 30 – 50 years to kill fiat. Fiat is too liquid. Today I can hand you a $50 bill. It takes time logging in and transferring whatever Crypto. Millennials' kids won't know the difference. Still, I'm in Cryptos. I'm 56, so I expect I don't have 30 years left. I'll take my profits in 10 – 15 years and watch the slaves cry.

  7. Fiat is vinyl albums, Bitcoin is the mp3.

    mp3s didn't replace vinyl, as vinyl is carving out a niche and making a comeback today, but the mp3 has become the most used form of music, and is now, by far, "king." Bitcoin will do the same.

  8. Depends on the time frame… As long as crypto is so volatile, crypto and fiat will coexist.. Money needs to be stable, nobody will use it for groceries if milk is 2 coins today and 5 coins tomorrow..

    Too much of a gambling market now and tbh I think most people see it as a way to make money, not as money..

    Also people need to stop making coins for every goddamn thing they can imagine.. We don't need everything to be blockchain'ified.. Just implement existing coins instead.. If more companies focused on one coin, it would be adapted much wider.. If you need 100 different coins for 100 different things, nobody will bother..

    Too much focus on making money, not enough focus on making digital money usable

  9. I cant believe only 27% think crypto will replace fiat. Leaves me to believe that people don't do enough research on all the benefits of crypto. I for one do not believe they can coexist on a global scale.

  10. Yes. They have to until total adoption of crypto..how else can you buy any crypto without fiat. I think after total adoption; fiat will slowly disappear- and eventually be forgotten..say by 2025..maybe..

  11. Can Fiat and Crypto coexists? Maybe.. Should they? Probly not.. Why make things more confusing in the tooth paste isle.. Fiat is dirty bloody war money.. Crypto is honest money.. Transparent and glorious just the way money should be in my opinion.. If banks don't like crypto then it must be good right?

  12. I'll bet a lot of young crypto investors live paycheck to paycheck and had little or no savings and no investments until they got into crypto, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. Fiat will remain for a while I'm sure. Some people will always want to keep their good old greenbacks because they are backed by, "Trust in God", not all this newfangled magic internet globalist illuminati money that's clearly just another sign of the end times, lol.

  13. BCH is already owned by BELGIUM bankers. There is a reason most of the 1st BTC investors jumped ship to BCH. Look at all the patent applications for crypto from all the old familiar money manipulators (BOA,GOLDMAN SACHS, CHINA ETC)

  14. Peter your my man,but you know how I do. I do TRUTH, And Mcaffee has ALLLLLWAYS been a wack job. But I liked the interviews as well. Hope you had a great time at the Dance with your lil Dogeess, that's what is up for real!!✌✌

  15. As far as coexistence of fiat and crypto it is solely dependent upon rate of adoption. If the move for fiat to crypto is extremely fast let’s say due to stock market crash then I don’t see any reversal. But if adoption is slow and over the next 15 – 20 yrs the Fed is going to learn how to leverage he market to benefit. For now the fiat to crypto is the on ramp. Even if you mine the purchase of components is normally made with fiat. So no matter what the average person is stuck. I wish that we could move to a sole crypto market but unfortunately by then the Fed will have their own Fedcoin. 😕 Another detail is each nations, national debt. If the fast track were to happen then what of the debt?

    Wish I could have taken part in the poll…I’m age 40 and I think crypto is the future. I bring up age because I think it’s important to understand the demographics of the different age groups and what the older generation was taught when they were in their early adulthood. I don’t think they understand crypto and people tend to hate or be scared of what they don’t understand.

  16. crypto will and should replace fiat. Fiat is a zombie cycle for governments that always ends in a bust, governments should move swiftly to transition to these alternative forms of currency rather than fall into decline.

  17. There is nothing else the average person can invest in really. Housing is too expensive and the stock market is fiat based. Crypto is the future. Fiat is criminal and will die off along with centralized governments and criminal banking cartels. Slave based fiat is on its way out and cannot coexist.

  18. The can co-exists for the beginning stages of its life, and it will be messy just as we are seeing now, but I do see a more prevelant move to full crypto in the lter future. Once adoption and more software is released that make it easier for the general public to use. Either that or the education system around the globe has to up it's game by a significant amount. We need to make the world "tech Savvy" Thats the direction we are moving into.

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