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How to tune a piano. Do it yourself. – Viral Trends

How to tune a piano. Do it yourself.

How to tune your piano amateur style. Save $150 now and continue to save forever once you can do it yourself. It is not that hard to do. Tuning apps are free for iPods / iPhones. I used…


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Comments 25

  1. Brue, after reading all of the professional comments on your video naysaying the virtues of "DIYing" the tuning of your piano, I want you to know I really appreciate you making this video. If I don't know how to do something, whether its tuning a piano, rebuilding a carburetor, or cooking beef wellington, I want to at least try to learn a way to do it so I can say I gave it a shot. If you have an expensive piano, you're probably not worried about paying for it to be tuned. If you're like a lot of us with limited funds, you take satisfaction in being able to take something that somebody threw away or gave up on, and make it functional again, for minimal monetary input. Its not about the right or wrong way.Its about using your own brain and hands to create or fix something, YOURSELF. Thanks!
    BTW, just picked up a 70's Wurlitzer. Planning on tuning it up Myself as soon as it acclimates to my houses temp and humidity.

  2. I watched this video as I`m thinking about buying a cheap piano and learning to play, and was wondering what the chances of tuning it myself are. Clearly from all the comments there is more to it that this video suggests but I am still confident that I will do it, with more research. I`ve turned my hand at quite a few things, and I find it is possible to make as good a job as a professional if you really put enough into it…….just loads slower than a professional would do it! Loads slower!

  3. I just love haters that have nothing else to do.lmao you did a good job man; I hope your daughter is still jamming out on it. Screw all these tight ass critics. Instead of being dicks how about give advice to help people out.

  4. I started as an amateur – I MADE A LOT OF MISTAKES. So I took it seriously, got teachers, tuned literally hundreds of pianos, and now I feel like I know what I'm doing most of the time.

    It's funny how everyone fancies that this is so easy, and nothing to it and all that. It's freaking hard to get right. It takes a ton of experience, teachers, mentors, etc… Even then – shit goes wrong all the time.

    But, hey – people who don't get that also don't get that their piano sounds like garbage, so I waste my breath.

    Might as well have videos on how to pull your kid's tonsils out. Takes less training to do that professionally.

  5. After reading the comments I realized that none of them really get to the root of the situation.

    Avoid accepting free pianos. Yes, even though $1000 is a bit much, a good and very useful quality $1000 electronic keyboard can be purchased instead of receiving a poorly constructed poorly maintained acoustic piano.

    Am I saying that the piano in the video is poorly made or poorly kept? I don't know; I'd have to see the piano in person. It is not for me to judge here.

    But for those wanting to learn piano or have their children delve into piano, put the consideration into one of those quality $1000 electronic keyboards rather than accepting a sad, run down acoustic piano; it will be more enjoyable in the end.

    And yes, I am a technician. And no, I do not enjoy working on run down pianos when I know my customers could be enjoying an electronic keyboard much much more.

    And just like Brue said, if he's not going to have a technician tune it now or later then no technician is losing out on any work (because none will be ever contacted to work on this piano). So it is in a person's best interest to consider that $1000 keyboard than an acoustic if they never want their technician to ever get their run down acoustic ever working as well as an electronic keyboard.

  6. God bless America! We are free to do nearly anything we want, including posting videos like this. I've been a concert piano technician for nearly 40 years and this is incredible. This will give me job security for another 40. So much bad info out there like this that I'll never be out of work fixing what these DYIers do to pianos. I saw a dentist video once, think I'll save some money and do it myself….

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