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How to Feed Your Bengal Cat (Covering Raw Diet, Prey Model Raw & Commercial Cat Food) – Viral Trends

How to Feed Your Bengal Cat (Covering Raw Diet, Prey Model Raw & Commercial Cat Food)

This is the first video in a multi-part series on how to give a Bengal cat a happy & healthy life. To receive one more free video (things about Bengal cats that you WON’T learn from the internet),…


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Comments 42

  1. raw meat, liver,heart contains taurine. if you feed raw food to your cat you don't have to feed taurine separately . I feed my cat chicken neck[ good source of chewable bone] , liver and one scoop of grainfree costco junk kibles everyday..I get raw food for 3 months and freeze it . before serving I thaw overnite in refrigerator. NO MICROWAVING. She doesn't have any hairball problem. Once in a while she throws up god knows what she eats, because we have plenty of plants.

  2. If you feed raw, even commercial, please, please please make sure you add taurine drops to it. Unfortunately taurine does not remain stable in raw food. Unless your cats are killing their prey and eating it. If they are taurine deficient, it could lead to heart failure. Also realize everything natural isn't good. Ecoli is natural too!

  3. i get wild bengal cat, could you help me how to make it friendly?? cause this cat are scared and…well yeah wild..sometimes it bite person
    i find it difficult to make it friendly ,do you know any triks? pleaseee give me some information

  4. I need to ask any cat experts something… how much raw chicken do I need to give a cat per a day? what's the portion sizes like as big as my hand such as a chicken drumstick or as big as a can food? couple of scoops? cause I don't want to get a cat sick… and I am kinda new to this… thanks

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. My cat got a lump recently. I don't know if it's from the cat food I've been feeding him or the greenie cat treats. But I've decided to turn to the raw natural cat food diet. Why do you add so many things besides just the raw natural meat? If they just hunt back yard animals they eat the bird or lizard. We're not adding stuff.

  6. I do buy a very high quality kibble but I do want to switch to a raw diet. Now their are a lot of commercial raw meat brands such as carnibest…but I tried that and they are not that drawn to it and not really eating it. Do you have any advice feeding raw? What kind of raw meat do your feed your cats and where do you get it? I have to normal European shorthairs btw.

  7. I have two Aussies, a tortoiseshell, and a tabby. I've fed them raw food for most of their lives, and they're doing great. They love meal times, and I feed them right before I eat. Their coats are shiny and no hairballs, plus my pups are 11 and 9 years old, and my cats are 6 years old, but they all act like 2 year olds. No need for that fancy-smanchy scented litter because their feces doesn't smell. I also have no need to use a pooper-scooper in the backyard since my pups feces disintegrate within a day or two. I've never had to take my cats to the vet, and only once with one of my aussies because he had hurt his paw.

    I don't usually grind up the food (primarily chicken, but sometimes salmon and cow), I cut it up into half-dollar size, calculating the amounts once a week and then cutting it up daily. It doesn't usually take too long. For supplements, it varies from time to time, usually including kefir or pumpkin and calcium supplement.

    Bottom line, raw-food diet is great, but you'll have to choose between ease and price. Pre-made rawfoods tend to get expensive, especially with larger animals.

  8. Does your meat grinder grind the bones without any problems, and why wouldn't you want to put the meat in the microwave? Ive been heating it in the microwave for more than a year , I just set the microwave to a very low temperature and leave it there for 2-3 minutes and it comes out slightly warm, never cooked, is that bad?

    A video of how you do it would be awesome. I love the channel, are you still going to be making videos?

  9. raw diet nearly killed my Bengal. caused bloody diarrhea. After the vet said it was caused by raw chicken diet he had to put him on a special medication that was rushed overnight to us. after treating my Bengal it wasn't the end of the crisis. basically the medication destroyed his gut flora and he was still in bad shape. the vet offered something I never heard of, a fecal transplant where they take fresh poop from a healthy cat and blend with saline solution and have to put the cat under anesthesia to insert it far enough into rectum. yeah gross and very expensive. this helped my Bengal but had to be done a second time 2 weeks later to completely recover. I wish I could trust raw food diet but never again since it almost killed him and I was following breeders instructions as she fed him a raw diet treat as well. just a warning to those who think raw food is the way to go.

  10. Hello… I'm from asia and I own 2 bengal cats. They're a picky-eater. At first I gave them dry food and when i'm started giving them raw food (fish+spinach+carrot), they started to refuse the dry food. I don't have much time to prepare raw food every three days. they can't even eat MEAT because they will have a volcano inside them. and when they only eat fish, they're not full and i'm worried about their health

  11. Thank you for this info! One of my bengals is having skin allergies and hypoallergenic food has not helped the problem. She is 9 and hasn't typically liked tying new foods. I am going to try a raw diet. Is grocery store ground chicken an ok place to start? I'm having a hard time with the idea of cutting chickens and grinding them. I usually avoid handling meat.. Also, what about red meat?

  12. hi! Thank you for super informative video! The best I came across so far! I have a sphynx and actually they eat a lot LOT coz they high metabolism so I can totaly relate to what r u saying abt ur bengals babies eating so much 😀 (they actually dont eat so much as sphynx so be happy! :D) , my cat had a loose stinky poo all time even I gave him the most quality grain free kibbles n canned food I found, but after I removed dry food and feeding him combination of wet n raw (1-2 raw meal per day) and 1 or 2 canned wet – good quality, he is good! Wanted to ask do you think is not harmful to combo wet n raw? thanks n wish u best!

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