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Five Technologies to Create Weather Anywhere in the World, Today! – Viral Trends

Five Technologies to Create Weather Anywhere in the World, Today!

DETAILS: https://climateviewer.com/2017/11/07/ten-technologies-to-own-the-weather-today/ GOFUNDME: https://www.gofundme.com/weather-control-conference-2018 — ClimateViewer News (blog) https://c…


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  1. https://www.gofundme.com/weather-control-conference-2018 I went thru the list of presentations at the AMS forum on Climate Engineering and picked this to review before fully knowing what it's about but it just so happens it is based on "nocturnal convection": https://ams.confex.com/ams/98Annual/webprogram/Paper334468.html Living at the foot of the Colorado Rockies this seems to be a big deal. Your vid on making clouds at night is spot on. Our bizarre yellow/platinum/pink skies, black clouds, and strange sunshine (or lack thereof) is getting really old. The first presentation on Jan 7th is about improving the communication between scientists and the public on Climate Engineering: https://ams.confex.com/ams/98Annual/webprogram/Paper337769.html I'm anxious to hear what is said about this. This is terrific that YOU and Jerry Day WILL BE GOING. NO, you are not crazy. And hope you had a whoopidity-do-dah-yahoo birthday.

  2. I resigned from the Queensland Rural Fire Service today after 8 years of service, in protest of weather modification. I gave my First Officer 50 printouts from your site Jim, and a link to this video. His basic response was "That stuff is only happening in America." Even when presented with proof, many people are just too programmed to care. Thanks for what you do Jim. I, for one, will no longer work for the enemy for free, whilst helping an ignorant community who refuse to help themselves.

  3. That Doppler radar 88 is exactly what weatherwar101 has been saying and proving for a while now and nobody seems to want to listen or give it a chance and he has pinpointed this exact radar in the center of so-called HAARP rings and the development of severe weather out of thin air immediately upon the activation of these Doppler radars in fact involved in tornadoes and stopping / drying the storm fronts as they did during Harvey aiding in it stopping over Texas. It's worth checking out Jim as you probably already have but this should be no surprise to see them show Doppler right after their claims.

  4. Happy Birthday Jim . My youngest son's birthday is today the 4th. Today is special for him because he turns 21.
    On another note, I really wish they would disconnect all the radars from other countries and keep our weather to ourselves. The way they have the system set up, interferes with other countries and I know that for a fact. They Need to Change Where the Rivers go and it needs to go Only around Our Country, the USA. It's the same old every single time. If they Try to Flood the South or Southeast, Then It Will be Forced as usual to or close to Bermuda and then For Sure to Europe and the UK and those areas up there and at the same time, back to New Zealand/Australia. They need to stop their stupid experiments and get it right

  5. Last night was heavy overcast, could only see the glow of the moon. 15 minutes later, not a cloud in the sky, stars and moon clearly seen. WTF? Man made clouds and weather no doubt!

  6. you cant just do that without the destruction of the biosphere, other Orginisms remember?
    It doesnt matter if you use technology because its an interdepended food chain,plus orginism help produce the air we believe 😆
    It doesnt matter if we could you still cant use it as a weapon without going extinct yourselves.

  7. The Jesuit controlled Governments of the world have the technology to manipulate the weather !
    and create Earthquakes and storms.

    Research Chemtrails, HAARP, Nexrad, Wet Surface Air Coolers, and Geo Engineering.

    The Bilderberg Group is behind Chemtrails and Geo Engineering !
    The Bilderberg Group was created by the Jesuit Order.
    Study the history of the Jesuits.

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