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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Next News Network’s Founder Gary Franchi appears on RT Internatoinal and reveals the disasterous ramifications for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and…


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  1. The next News Network they tell the truth and it's simple and they're way more accurate than CNN ABC NBC CNBC and many more I want to Gary 5 or 6 times a day and all he tells the truth and if you can't handle the truth go back and get your brain washed by CNN MSNBC ABC NBC and many more I practically get all my news from the internet and another one I like a lot is RT News RT News the best of news for Americans from me because they give you any news in the truth

  2. i know..Mark Fuckingberg creates facistbook to make the people having bad day in their life by posting or commenting..fuck the iceberg scrubby man..zuckingdick..shithead..Facistbook needs to stop..please mark save peoples life

  3. I've enjoyed FB and the friends I have for several years now. I have shared many Biblical facts and also received much info. in return. I was doing great, until about 2 weeks ago, when someone hacked my account, and I lost a lot of work and things that meant a lot to me. No one has given me any idea how this happened, and it didn't seem to happen to many others (actually none of my close friends). I can only assume it was directed at me personally. I'm not sure I will continue on Facebook, unless they make some positive changes and allow the citizens of the US more freedom to express themselves. FB started out as an US company, not worldwide. I don't like having so many people I don't know contact me. I'm now wary of most.

  4. Facebook or Fuckbook is a piece of shit!!! It's for people who don't have anything better to do in their free time than to post crap about themselves and other things that people nobody cares about!!! It's only for people who like to brag about themselves and think they're something but in truth are a bunch of losers and assholes!!!! I had one but I deleted it because it always made me nauseated going on there even for only 5 minutes. I don't know how some people can stay on there for up to 3 hours!!!! I can't even stand it for 3 minutes. No wonder so many billions of people are so stupid now–that's cause staring at Fuckbook for hours and hours kills brain cells like drinking booze or taking crack!!!!! Yeah, Fuck Facebook or I mean FUCKBOOK!!!!!! I keep in touch with my real friends through texting and seeing each other every week–NEVER NEEDED SHITTY FACEBOOK!!!!!!

  5. If you think a JEW is 'finished' you don't know the power of the JEW. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall building in a single bound, is it a bird? Is it a plane" NO, it's SUPER JEW, ALL OF THEM.
    Joe Magnets

  6. Oh and we need secret code. And a secret handshake or something. Sorry going off on tangent but I am a little kid at heart. Lets play cops and robbers. Wait no lets play zombie apocalypse! No wait lets play Armageddon!!!! Anybody else a Bob Hansler fan? That's how much confidence God has given me. Plague? Four horesemen? BAHRING IT!!!!!!!😠

  7. You need to promulgate, dude! When a movie like star wars comes out, there's merch everywhere from action figures to cereal. Apply this to social media. Next news meet up group, next news webinars, issue specific, such as all about Benghazi, call in radio show but on a webinar… Oh and we all need those little radios preppers have. Advertise to each other we can communicate that way, help us buy those little radios by advertising them, then lets all get good at listening for trolls

  8. I want to say something serious about this Facebook. They are hacking my emails and then they offer the people of Facebook to my wife, how is this possible?? I not recommend going on this Facebook, because it’s a not transparent medium and they are hackers. Besides it gives no intellect to the people, only makes people jealous and stupid. They show only what they have and what for fantastic things they do. It’s just bullshit, nothing to do with reality. Go outside and go to the real world, delete Facebook. :-))

  9. I was there at the beginning, my first cell phone was analog, had to be professionally installed in your car and cost 3,400 dollars in actual 1984 dollars, my first computer was an 8 mhz 8088 with a 10 mb hard drive and I often go days without checking my phone.. I can however operate any ham radio in the world.. Snap out of it young people, they are not helpful devices, I feel that I am on an episode of star trek where the ship gets taken over without a shot being fired because everyone is playing some stupid game. (not a single typo in this post) go to a bar talk to the barmaid or check out girl at the store. Humans cannot survive without human contact.

  10. Zuckerburg and Face Boojk is just another arm of the US Government's Spying. Lok at how much crap persons reveal on Facebook…. You want to know about someone, there lives, actions, spending habits, etc.. look no further than Facebook!!!!

  11. Maybe they are sensoring you because you speak facts, for example when you said as a truth that Islam terrorists are passing the southwr border to entre USA without cheking the Mexican inmigration polices that state thay is almost imposible to get a visa if you come from a country that is beligerant to USA. por when you reported that after the "conversation" Peña Nieto with Donald Trump the peso had a devaluation without reporting that aftet the "no" muslin band the dólar devaluated. Yes you have consrvative bias wich out of the conservative buble means líer. they are sensoring you brcause you are a lier fox news adoctrinated do you need another validez reason.

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