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The 5 most common mistakes on LCHF (teaser with 2/5 mistakes) – Viral Trends
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Comments 49

  1. The LCHF lifestyle has helped hundreds of thousands of people to combat their Type 2 Diabetes by vastly lowering blood glucose and with weight loss to the point that some have 'reversed' their T2 and can maintain non diabetic numbers and greatly lower their risks of complications. Although this doctor seems to be cashing in, part of his website is free to view and contains recipes. If you are struggling with T2 then research how to lower your bg by diet alone and perhaps buy one of the combi books that gives you basic information and some recipes to start you off. Good Luck.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I get so angry about low carb sites online posting recipes full of sugar "Ersatz" or even protein powders? What is this? I stopped sugar months ago, not to substitute with somethin else like aspartame?

  3. Why do LCHF-paleo-keto-meateaters youtube channels interview
    non-professional non-credible random people?
    Can't they find any Professional in the field of
    bio-medical/nutrition/medicine/bio-chemistry to support their cause?

    Gary Taubes, Tom Naughton are Journalists who has never conducted
    scientific research and their main profession is to mold a story. Lierre
    Keith, what is her credibility??? subjective personal opinions? FFS,
    you might as well ask your mechanic for nutritional and health advice.
    Oh snap!!! are you guys giving medical nutrition advice without holding a
    professional education, without professional training, nor without
    professional medical/nutritional license??? isn't that against the law?

    Now, Dr.Micheal Greger, Dr.John McDougall, Dr.Caldwell Esselytn, Dr.Dean
    Ornish, Dr.Neal Barnard, Dr.Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Klaper,
    Dr.Walter Kempner… etc All have worked across the globe with reputable
    Universities. All professionally trained, educated, licensed and
    dedicated all their life within their Profession. All have well over 40
    years of research regarding plant based. Where are the opposing
    Professionals? Dr. Atkins>>> is dead. All the plant eating
    doctors are well over 70yo and are still alive and kicking, healthy and

    Where are the MD, Bio-chem, Bio-med, etc… Professionals to show their
    research and counter argue plant based… because I will be listening to
    their side of arguments. There are non, because there are smart enough
    to know the truth. The people you see yapping are low-payed-journalists,
    english/literature majors, personal trainers, meat dairy farmers,
    youtube channels needing advertising revenue, chiropractors giving
    nutritional/bio-chem/med advice… Seriously GTFOH.

  4. Thanks Diet Doctor!!! I signed up this morning to your site as a member with my son. So much amazing information on eating the low carb high fat diet lifestyle! I have been on this program for a little while and feel so amazing. Mental clarity alone is something I have never experienced on a diet plan before!!! I don't crave anything at all!!! I am truly surprised how quickly my body and changed….. I appreciate you taking the time to spread the truth!!!

  5. No such thing as Free Lunch (pun intended) people. A man making an earnest living to me is good. He could have made ALL this behind a paywall. Thats why teasers like this exist.

  6. How is it that cultures like Italy who eat a LOT of carbs as in Pasta and Pizza are not afflicted by adverse health issues? – Their diet traditionally include meats and olive oil etc. but are also very high in carbs.

  7. I've been following this diet for a while and I'm not loosing any weight, and I want to know what I am eating that is preventing me from loosing weight. Can you send me an example of what you eat in a day of the LCHF diet? Also, could you give me some ideas of why I'm not loosing weight? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  8. I went vegan and i eat loads of carbs. Im loosing fat. get stronger in gym. no side effect at all. I shit 3 times a day. Feel better then before. Have a more understanding of how we threat animals and eachother. Im cruel free from any murdering of animals. Thats why i also today choose not to eat a single drop of blood.

  9. The idea is good, but the information you failed to deliver can be had for free in many places on the internet. I do not need to know what is missing, because I guarantee that it isn't special.

  10. MISTAKE # 6 > Not eating enough calories.
    – once you are low carb adapted you very rarely get hungry (even after 18+ hours). Not eating enough calories on a consistent basis can be damaging to the metabolism. Plan an eating window into your day. (more below…)

    MISTAKE # 7 > Too much protein.
    – a low carb diet is protein sparing and anti-catabolic. So your body will actually need less protein than you may think. Excess protein is then turned into sugar. As an example a large chicken breast can cause a spike. Solution, use fatty sources of protein and have a good fiber source with it to offset and spikes especially when eating lean meats.

    MISTAKE # 8 > Not enough electrolytes/minerals.
    – you will urinate much of these important micro-nutrients out of your system. This will cause you to cramp up frequently. You may also have a rapid heart rate especially at night. Solution.. take extra mineral supplement especially a slow release magnesium/calcium and a salt/potassium supplement. I use an athletic blend called 'salt-stick' and the slow release Magnesium the scientists recommend "Slow-Mag'.

    MISTAKE # 9 > Not drinking enough water.
    – Self explanatory. Try and use spring water (not tap water or filtered water) because the natural minerals will be a big help.

    MISTAKE # 10 > Carbs during the day.
    – This will set your metabolism on the wrong path straight away. If you do have carbs they are best at night (helpful for the nervous system). Use a slow starch like boiled sweet potato before bed for recovery in small amounts if at all. Best to avoid all carbs without fiber during daylight hours.

  11. Actually I looked at the carbs & sugar alcohols in a lot of those Atkins foods . Don't know how they can get away with saying that they are low carb. Unless people are just assuming /believing labels without reading them. Plus the ingredients list is Scary LOL

  12. Hi everyone. To loose weight you just consume less calories than you use via daily routines. In other words watch your calorie intake. Voila! It's as easy as that. It's been trialed and tested time after time after time. I'm a living proof. People don't want the truth. They prefer some complicated mumbo so that other's can capitalize on making weird diets and formulas. Well, don't say you never heard the truth.

  13. This guy knows what he is talking about. If you've had trouble with lchf, you probably did not get your macros correct. He provides a great deal of free information.The comments on having to pay for more seems a bit picky. What, he can't make a living? I followed his advice, lost weight, gained muscle and energy. It is not the same as just reducing calories, the high fat is crucial.

  14. 20/50 grams of carbs a day?
    That could damage your liver in a long term period.

    If i only eat that a day i can't produce in my work because i need a lot of my brain. I won't last in my intense workouts. I already tried this diet for months and although i've lost weight, i felt much more tired, sad, bad nights of sleep i even lost my resistance to workouts.

    I eat carbs, fat and protein all from natural resources and i feel my best, i never buy process food. Probably i only eat process food when i go eat out with friends. But that never makes me feel good.
    🙂 I tried to go vegan, but not matter what how many veggies rich in iron i ate, i got always anemia, eating red meat controls it better..

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