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Landscape Photography / 500 Subscriber Print Giveaway – Viral Trends

Landscape Photography / 500 Subscriber Print Giveaway

Landscape Photography / 500 Subscriber Print Giveaway

I took a trip to colliford lake again to announce my 500 subscriber giveaway, oh and i took some images:). Please subscribe for more, give us a thumbs up and share if you liked.

Camera; nikon d7200
filter system; NISI v5 pro100mm
Filters; Lee filters
Vlogging camera; gopro hero 5
Bag; lowepro pro tactic 350
Tripod; 3LT winston
Cable release; AMAZON
Editing; adobe premiere pro cc, photoshop and lightroom

Epidemic sound

Welcome to Epidemic Sound

Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/photoninja_photography
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PhotoninjaPhotography/
FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151868595@N04/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PhotoninjaPhoto


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Comments 24

  1. Landscape photography to me is an antidote to look-at-me portraiture and its modern selfie-obsession. Capturing a great Landscape is hard enough, think focal and lighting challenges; and the one thing you leave out is yourself. When you've travelled far to get it, the sharing of the result is like sending a postcard that echoes your feelings saying Wow or Wish You Were Here, that the viewer will want to keep and return to.

  2. Hi Tom
    It's a great question you asked… but i think i will never know the answer for it because there are not enough words to discribe it (not only because I'm italian and maybe I never will have the words to say it😜). It's just the calm outside in nature and inside of me when I go out to take lamdscape photograpghy, and the beauty of mothernature. Landscape photography is full of emotions and passion. And I think it is the hardest type of photography.

    Greetings from Italy!

  3. Thumbs up ere' Tom! another great photography vlog intro! I love landscape photography because it's always a challenge and most times never goes to plan!!! Getting outside, looking for something different and maybe that's why I moved to Spain!!! Nice B&W pano! Many thanks for sharing and look forward to the next! 🙂

  4. Well done on the 500 subs (now 550) Tom. Nice video. Got into landscape photography through my love of walking many years ago, starting with a small p&s to record my walks and it went from there.

  5. G’day Tom from Southwest Western Australia, like your work mate and your delivery style on your channel. Relatively new to photography so trying to pick up as many tips as possible. Love landscape photography as it encourages me to get out and explore this beautiful country, also lets others see things that they probably will never get the chance to see.

  6. Firstly, that’s your best introduction I’ve seen for a while. I love Landscape Photography because it’s an escape from my normal day job where I can be alone, gathering my thoughts, breathing fresh air and getting creative as I am a visual person

  7. i like landscape photography because, generally speaking no other annoying people about, lol, plus the sun rising and warming your cheeks when its freezing at 6am,nothing else like it 😀👍

  8. Hello, first of all thank you as I got inspired by your vlogs and a subscriber since you were 84 subs as +Santanu Mahapatra and learned from heaton, nigel, brendan… you guys are really fantastic and took some suggestions from you and as well from others and now me too do vlogs and from my childhood I love Photography specially landscape as I really love nature and now it became hobby to passion like whenever I get time do vlogs and landscape Photography videography. I liked you specially because you use nikon so do I and d7200 too as other use canon so again thanks for keep using nikon and best of luck for your next vlogs as it helps photographers like us….

  9. Now then I love landscape photography because i get to have peace and quiet! I have always enjoyed the silence and beauty of a sunrise and i just enjoy being out alone or with another. Nice pic too Tom ;-)well done on the 500

  10. I love landscape photography as I can get out in the beautiful weather (Nope It Rains All The Time In Scotland). I love landscape photography because I get beautiful photographs (Nope I Have All The Gear & No Idea)……… Ok I love getting out the house and enjoying a good long walk !!! Cheers

  11. Greetings from Norway! Great Chanel, love your videos! I love landscape photography because it gets me out in the nature and i got to use my creativety even if I visit the same spots. Mother earth give us something different every time.

  12. Hi Tom, I like landscape photography because I love the Great British countryside and it encourages me to get out at the times of day and the times of year when it's at it's absolute best.

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