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2015 Mazda MX-5 driven – first verdict – car review – Viral Trends

2015 Mazda MX-5 driven – first verdict – car review

Subscribe to the channel now: http://smarturl.it/autocar Matt Prior drives the all-new fourth-generation Mazda MX-5. Will it be as big a success as the original? Read the first drive review…


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Comments 27

  1. All models of MX5 have been underpowered. I have owned a Mk3(NC) 2.0 Sport for a couple of years and it's shamefully underpowered, to the point that the only thing I could do to remedy this, would be to have a BBR turbo fitted, upgrade the manifold and exhaust or sell the car and buy a car with higher BHP/PS and an enhaust note to match. Also, there's no telescopic reach in the steering column and i'm never completely comfortable in the car.  Anyone who says the standard exhaust and engine setup are the best that anyone could have on an MX5 doesn't know what they're talking about. If they were that great, people wouldn't need to tune them.

  2. Why does ONLY the GT touring model come with navigation?  The Club model should have navigation too…already has the large infotainment screen, duh!  Even the Mazda 3 ($23k) has stuff that are stingily omitted on the Miata ($26k) such as: 1) autodimming rearview mirror  2) blind spot side mirrors  3) Heads-up display  4) paddle shifters for automatic transmission   5) homelink garage door opener 6) 215/45/18 tires on 18 inch rims  7) backup camera

  3. Woosey dark red color that is on sedans and trucks.  Sports cars should go bold with cherry red like Mustang, BMW, VW.  It's low so I don't want headlights in my eyes… it needs auto dimming rearview mirror.  Don't we all have garages…yet there is no Homelink Garage door opener.  Am I supposed to bring my portable garage door opener and leave it in an open convertible…duh???

  4. I've always liked Mazdas but this one is freaking me out. I have kind of a problem with its looks and a 1.5l engine is just a little too edgy.
    Give it some masculine touch and offer 2.5l engines for those who do not care about 50:50 weight ratio too much. Sure, I don't have to buy one if I don't like it – BUT NOBODY IS OFFERING A FAST VERSION OF AN MX5. Fucking market, I hate you.

  5. 1000kg is great, but that us just not enough power. My 1986 Celica was 1000kg with 140hp and it was slow as shit imo (and that had a 2.0 litre so prob more torque as well) 130hp is not enough for this car to work imo. 130kW would be ideal.

  6. I have a 99' 10AE Miata, with 85k miles, it is at the same weight 2200-lbs as the 2016 miata, it has a 1.8L 6sp,  155hp with a 2001 exhaust manifold, torsen limited slip diff and feels nice and Lively, I would Much rather have a light car, they are much more fun to drive.
    I would consider getting the 2016 Miata, the Skyactiv 2.0L engine, at 155h.p. in a 2200-lbs car should get near 42 – 44-mpg hwy in commuting mode, a nice plus for a fun little convertible.
    I bought a new 2010' PHRT grand touring model miata, it was nice, but heavy 2700-lbs and 160h.p. but it was thirsty, not good economy, I ended up selling it.

  7. the car's back looks nice but the front is ugly.  The face looks like a catfish because the headlights are horizontal instead of vertical like Porsche Boxster, Lotus Elise, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lotus… in other words, why did Mazda choose to make it ugly when the supercars all have vertical mounted headlights???   It's missing autodimming rearview mirror, backup camera and homelink garage door opener.

  8. This car is due to arrive in the states with the 155 bhp  engine.  If they can keep the weight anywhere near where it is on the 130 bhp version of this  car the performance on a back road should be outstanding.  

    The twisties are where the Miata has always shined,  since this isn't the kind of car that you buy for straight line performance. 

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