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Is B&W Photography OVER, What LONG LENS to Buy & How to Make A Photo Story: Flying Solo – Viral Trends

Is B&W Photography OVER, What LONG LENS to Buy & How to Make A Photo Story: Flying Solo

Is Black and White Photography OVER, What LONG LENS to Buy & How to Make A Photo Story: Flying Solo

Welcome to the NEW Flying Solo where once a week I release a NEW video answering three of your questions. You can submit your questions at bit.ly/frocritiques

This week I discuss if I thin Black and White photography is over. Help someone decide on what LONG LENS they should get and finally wrap it up with how someone goes about asking a business if they can tell their photo story.

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Comments 37

  1. Hi,
    I am having Canon EOS77D DSLR camera with 18-135mm USM lens
    can you please guide me the camera mode and setting to get a blurry background in video, is it possible to achieve the blurry background result with the 18-135 mm lens or I have to buy new lens.

    Thanks in advance
    Sunil Sharma

  2. Hi, I am a relative novice photographer and I am having a blast taking a lot of photos. I have gone to a local professional for a lesson as well as subscribing to your channel. My husband and I have also paid and downloaded your beginner lesson video, thank you so much for making it easy to learn. We both have Nikon D3300 camera's with the 18mm-55mm lens and I also have the 55mm-300mm lens and my husband has a 70mm-200mm lens. I really am interested in shooting birds in the near future but longer zoom lens can really get expensive. I have seen some Sigma lens used that are 50mm-500mm that can be found for under $400. We don't have a big budget yet for this so I am wondering if this lens would be worth it or would it be throwing $400 away and I should just save my money until I can get something better?

  3. Great work Fro! My critique to improve would be to move/angle the computer screen more, it feels like your hiding behind it and thus creating a barrier between yourself and your audience.

  4. What we need more is real monochrome sensors. Lecia makes one and there's a company that converts Fuji's X-Pro1 and X100s but that's all. Honestly I think Fuji could make a small batch of X100F's without the color layers and it'd be crazy popular

  5. It is absolutely absurd that people are comparing this set to anyone else's channel. This is a very standard setup, and it belongs to NO ONE. Jared has created a very clean and functional set, and moving forward this will be a great way to share new stuff with us. Thank you for all your hard work, Jared, and your new Flying Solo episode went very smoothly in my opinion.

  6. As someone who uses a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary on both cropped sensor and full frame for everything from high school sports to rocket launches, I can absolutely recommend it especially when you can get a used one for $800 or less. I would recommend buying the USB dock too just to unlock the better VR settings. Easily one of the best lens buys I've ever made.

  7. Using the feature that’s given with the modern cameras (mirrorless) you can preview & setup your picture in black and white in the EVF or on the display and still shoot RAW. There you can make sure the outcome of your black and white photo is what you want. Additionally you can use the RAW + JPEG function too.

  8. We all have choices. If I say B&W is over, then it is over for me. If I say B&W is something I want to be better at, then it is not. We all choose how we want to see the world, so never allow others hold you back from doing what you want to do. Personally I despise limitations, and I've brought that into photography as well. As this is a passion of mine, I'm going to keep on till I die. That's why I have no limitations in what to shoot. As long as I like it, I will do it. I want to progress as much as possible as a photographer, so I simply cannot allow myself to limit what areas I touch in on. As long as it can be done with photo gear, I will move into it. I just add patience, and over time I know I will be a more complete photographer, which at least is my end goal. Personally I see many who tie themself down into a very narrow path, and simply do the same things over and over and over, and just do not progress anymore at a given point. This is because such a person have made him/herself believe he/she is not allowed to be more creative. Then it will be a struggle to get out of that bubble again. There's so many ways to be creative, and as I've simply chosen for myself that the world is my oyster and my mind is my oyster as well, all I need is time.
    Remove limitations, one by one, and step your own path. Progress takes time for anyone, and no one can make any progress but our own. It's important to want to be our own inspiration as we move, because any answer that has ever surfaced, has come from somewhere. Oneself.

  9. I have Sigma's 50-500 lens and love the range. I have shot portraits and with a 2x converter taken pictures of the Moon. This is also the lens I used in 2017 for the eclipse that ran through the middle of the United States.

  10. Late here, but it would be cool to learn how to know what images could benefit from b&w (other than covering up a bad image). Contrast? Interesting lines? Mood? Shadows? How do you edit them differently from color? Is this something you just learn with experience?

    And how do you know when you are editing too much in general? Someone on the Facebook site was talking about how clients asked to have body parts changed to look better. Doesn’t that infringe upon the photographer’s artistic style?

    Would be cool for Fro to have a chick side kick. But she’d have to be BADASS and have a strong personality. I can’t stand girly banter (even though I am one).

  11. Love the new Intro. In regards to more B&W photos I have been super excited about the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera that gives you a whole new spectrum of light to work with. It is a bit different then a normal camera as it is more DIY then most. So you build it the way you want. I typically make either a dual tone or B/W image from these photos. Oh and I am still working on a RAW workflow with the Pi.

  12. Thanks for this segment Fro. Love the new intro. Based on the B&W question have you considered doing a How To video for proper B&W processing in light room? I would find that an interesting watch. Thanks for what you do.

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