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DIY Light Spectrometer – Viral Trends

DIY Light Spectrometer

If you would like to own a production version of thie spectrometer, please go here: http://chriswesley.org/spectrometer.htm There is a new video showing the production version here: https://youtu….


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Comments 31

  1. I just found this vid, I know this is sort of ancient as in Youtube years 🙂 but I was excited. One because I like to tear things apart, but also because I think you have helped me to solve a problem. I hope I am thinking right on this. If I were to refit my old cam, I could potentially make a spectroscope that I could also use to take a photo of the image? Is that possible. If I were to fit it with a grating, then I could snap a photo with it if I take my laptop outside? Thanks kindly.

  2. Impressive! I guess one could also calibrate with a TV remote and sunlight, as these are well documented. IR LEDs are generally well speced. Even without removing IR filter, the webcams I have tested were all quite sensitive to IR remotes, which are 850-1050 nm, depending on the type of remote. I tried that software, now v 2.5. Very easy to use.

  3. Hi, great video thanks! I would like to test the light passing / nm value of a IR filter. Where would be the best place to put the filter, in front of the slit or the grate? Thanks again

  4. There's one thing I don't understand: accounting for the possible color distortions of the webcam (by calibrating it against a reference light source; I don't think a random fluorescent light will do though) is one thing, but these webcams are usually crappy as hell. For instance they have a small sensor, pick up an awfully lot of noise and the sensors definitely have their own, unique characteristic light absorption spectrum as well (i.e. different wavelengths will produce a different signal intensity). How do you account for variables like that?

  5. https://ibb.co/bVBkxa Got it Theremino working with Virtual Webcam. Still gotta calibrate it, but it works better and is closer than I expected. For those who don't have a webcam, but have a regular digital camera, it can be done (with free version of Virtual Webcam). Now I just gotta build the spectrometer part.

  6. Hi! Can someone please help? I have a Logitec webcam and when I plug it into my PC, the PC does register the USB plugin and open up the webcam, but not in Theremino. Do I need to download a plug in or how do I get my webcam to record in Thermino?

  7. Hi, thanks for this job! I think that in order to see the UV, you should change the glass lens of that webcam, and instead stitch it a silica lens, that is transparent to UV, glass it's not! But, before you need to measure the focal of the original, must be about the same. There are polycarbonate lens also, good trasparency to near UV and less expensive. Bye!

  8. Hi, thanks for the great video. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer.
    1) Where can I download the software for the spectrum?
    2) How do I hook up the webcam to the PC? To me, it was not clear from the video on what cable or connection to use.
    3) In a previous comment, you mentioned a smaller version that was compatible wit smart phones. Do you have instructions for that constructions?


  9. Great video, thanks for making it! I've just bought some Chinese grow lights but i'm a bit wary of the wavelengths they're outputting and if they are a danger to eyes. I'm going to make one of these to check. They're 'POVI' branded lights from AliExpress…

  10. Awesome video Chris! Ii your camera is not sensitive to UV could it measure UV? Also, it seems the camera would have varying sensitivity across the spectrum so you would need to do a gain vs frequency calibration. Maybe this would not be difficult using a known light source like the sun?

  11. I have been researching for days on spectrometers for the same reason you were; testing LEDs for building grow lights. Thank you very much for this video! I just downloaded all the Theremino docs and sw. Now the fun starts….

  12. Do you think it's possible to measure the black lines in the spectroscopic image? That'd be huge. Obviously not with a simple webcam. I was thinking of starting an Arduino project on this.
    Your thoughts?

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