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DIY 80,000 Grit Polishing Stropping Plates Under $70 – Viral Trends

DIY 80,000 Grit Polishing Stropping Plates Under $70

You can save hundreds of dollars by making your own stropping kit. Using 3M lapping microfilm sheets, with an aluminum plate, you can make a serious 60000 stropping plate. 3M PSA backed…


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Comments 32

  1. Anyone know if the backing on the 3m spa film on amazon has the sticky backing?
    The first option shows what he has but doesn’t say if it has the sticky side to be able to stick to the plates

  2. For anyone needing a grain/micron chart:

    Grit Mesh Micron

    100,000 .25
    60,000 0-1 .5
    14,000 0-2 1.5
    9,000 2-3 2.5
    8,000 2-4 3
    5,000 2-6 4
    4,500 4-6 5
    2,800 5-10 7
    1,800 6-12 9
    1,400 8-20 14
    1,200 10-20 15
    1,050 12-25 18
    800 20-30 25
    600 20-40 30
    500 30-40 35
    325 40-50 45
    285 50-60 55
    240 60-80 70
    225 80-100 90
    160 100-120 110

  3. When applying film to a flat surface you should start with one end, and lay it down from there, to avoid bending and bubbles.
    With a rectangular surface like this you could line up two corners, slightly bend the film, and just slowly lay it across the surface.
    The first adjustment is critical, but it does make it a lot easier to avoid having to take it off to readjust 🙂

  4. great video and concept, but you need to realize using your fingers and hand when sanding doesnt sand true or straight, as your fingers put different pressures on it. always use a sanding block. and ya, apply the paper that is slightly larger than the block then use the razor against the block and trim it up to fit with the surface facing up and the blade at a slight angle to put a angle on the edge and it will fit perfectly.

  5. I use glass tile 3"x12" about 3$ for the 3M Lapping film to sharpen my straight razor and my Spyderco knives. I need to make a video on how to put it on the tile to prevent air bubbles. I use simple green or olive oil. When it wares out pill film off and clean the glue off with Goo Gone then soap and water. Thanks for your Videos.

  6. Hi Ryky, I wonder, do you use Touch ID on your smart phone? You polish your finger prints on daily basis, does it work??? I had a trip with my son to stone mine, we were half day messing with stones, tree days later my IPhone still refused to recognize my finger prints:)))

  7. So….Not too many things sharper than a straight razor or a sushi knife. They can be made face shaving razor sharp with an 8,000 grit stone and a leather strop. What is an 80,000 really going to do for you.

  8. I'm a firm believer in stropping on kangaroo leather on glass and magnet on bottom. I use an emulsion that last quite a while. A .1 micron emulsion is equal to 160,000 grit.
    Thanks for your video

  9. How do you know the plates are flat? You should flatten them on a known flat granite plate with finer and finer grits until you get to the same grit you are planning to install on the plate. I will gladly watch that video! Keep up the good work!

  10. Any place that can produce flattening plates for stones or DIY, I live in Brasil. And 100 dollars are expensive after getting here, weight, shipping charges customs etc. I want to produce then to resell with my stop ki t

    Great channel by the way

  11. Any corrosion issues so far with using the aluminum? Like raised white spots or white colour developing on the aluminum?

    Just curious, our metallographic lab has constant issue with aluminum plates used for lapping.

  12. Those sheets wear out so fast. Sorry but I don't think that's gonna work out for you. You prob should have just put a piece of paper on a granite plate and lap the aluminum flat first before mounting the 3m sheet. Best of luck to you.

  13. Fantastic stuff. I've been doing something similar with 99c polished granite off cuts, but the aluminium plates look great, and in a pinch you can use them to repel intruders. Question: Are they milled as flat as the Atoma? (I imagine they are flat enough anyway)

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