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Sam Harris: Religions Are Failed Sciences – Viral Trends

Sam Harris: Religions Are Failed Sciences

http://bigthink.com We are misled by the very term “religion,” argues Sam Harris. Religion was simply the discourse humans used when all causes in the universe were opaque.


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Comments 37

  1. Nonsense, claiming religions are failed sciences is equal to claiming that stairs are flawed rockets. Both ladders and rockets are invented means to get to a higher position, and rockets may greatly exceed the height that can be reached compared to ladders, but both work to get to a higher position, and in many cases ladders are alot safer in use, even though way more accidents are caused by shaky ladders than by ill constructed rockets. The suggestion that we should do without ladders, and should use rockets instead in all cases is a very dangerous proposal.

  2. I am not a believer but I see a tremendous importance in Mythology. In fact, Science can be just as easily viewed from the perspective as Mythology as Mythology can be viewed from the perspective of Science… and Mythology throws more light on Science than the latter does for the former.

  3. "I am a Christian and in fact a Roman Catholic…..the Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." -JRR Tolkien, Author of the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit

  4. Get this stupid. Religion is religion and science is science. They are 2 different classes in school. Think of religion as a literature class. That is what it is. Stan Lee wrote a story about a man bitten by a radioactive spider and have power "proportionate" of a spider and made a fuck ton of money doing that. You DON'T have the right to talk about literature on its own terms. Literature is not failed science.

    I've worked inside NASA Headquarters in DC. All the scientists read Bullfinch Mythology. That's why they name the rockets and space probes Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter, Gemini, Artemis, etc . . . As an alter boy I see exactly what the NASA scientists are. They talk about the space shuttle like it's Notre Dame cathedral. NASA is religion. The space shuttle is Notre Dame.

  5. The greatest physicist ever, Joseph Cater, said thta anyone looking at the world and not seeing that it is created lacks intelligence. this describes most scientists today. I feel sorry for this guy. For any one wanted to see real science, watch my youtube videos on my channel called "The awesome life force". Enjoy! PS the ignorance to make science the new god is astounding! Our bodies can self heal for God's sake. Name any machine that can heal itself!

  6. Umm…Catholicism (Christianity) has killed and oppressed more people than Islam has throughout history. Look what year is it? 2017, right? Why? Because They started counting since Jesus Christ was born, therefore Christianity has conquered everything! Both, are terrible indoctrinating dogmas.

  7. Bible symbolism is astonishing . The Beast is war. People worship the beast because they pay money to support their military and are willing to sacrifice the lives of their sons and daughters in hopes of winning war. They pray for successful killers when the command of God is do not kill. The mark on the forehead of Cain is this mark of the beast. The mark in the forehead is agreement to kill, go into war. The mark in the hand is to actually participate in war. Not to fight is to be killed. Dead people do not buy or sell. Nations have to accept killers and watch innocent people die or go to war to stop them. Trapped by Satan. The punishment of Cain will be sevenfold because there are 7 nuclear empowered nations today that will fight in WW3, the final war of extinction of humans as a specie. These 7 nations are the 7 hills the harlot daughter of Babylon sits upon. Babylon represents the world nuclear power industry that supplies cheap energy for electricity that runs houses and industry, so it is a city. It makes merchants rich. It also supplies medical technology as Xrays and Chemo for cancer. Nations desire Nuclear power. Power plants are always built by water to cool the rods. Power plants sit as if nothing will harm them, they are completely safe for the public. They are not safe from war. What all the kings of the world desire is the harlot daughter made from waste which is the nuclear missile made from MOX, nuclear waste. Once nuclear war begins, rich people will become poor all over the world. They will stand back and lament because no one can go near high levels of radiation and live. This is an unwinnable war because radiation is the smoke that rises forever from nuclear power plants in fission, an unquenchable fire of hell. The air will become death as radiation leaves the source areas of battlefield and travels the jetstream, covering all the world. Eventually the ecology collapses as all water, food crops and animals become contaminated. Radiation destroys DNA so pregnant women especially mourn as it will create major birth defects. This is the worm in the gourd. All species of life will begin to be born deformed in the beginning of the end. This is the death of life as God designed it to be. The ecology around the world collapses as the food chain is broken. Then the bottomless pit, death itself, is filled as there is nothing left to die. Then death ceases to exist as earth becomes a frozen lifeless planet in nuclear winter. Jesus said the world has an end. Jesus never lies. Jesus said his kingdom is not here. Jesus will return before the very end at the point there is no way life can continue. He rescues those worthy that are his sheep. He kills no one and his kingdom is not here. His kingdom is in a new heaven (solar system) on a new earth (planet) that he has been preparing for humans so we do not go extinct as a specie. Jesus will never break the command of God, his Father, not to kill. God does not judge. Jesus judges only in his selection of loving and kind people, rejecting those that are not. The ones left behind die because men hate and are willing to kill for power and wealth.

  8. The 6 winged seraphim that fly with twain in the Bible are today's 6 winged fighter jets that fly with twain, DAS, placed in the exact areas described in the Bible. Lean in close to your computer screen and see it is like fine twined linen. A Bible prophet of the future: Ezekiel 10:2 And he spake unto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in between the wheels, even under the cherub, and fill thine hand with coals of fire from between the cherubims, and scatter them over the city. And he went in in my sight. " A cherubim is an attack helicopter( whirlwind of fire and destruction, a wheel within a wheel is like the Kamov KA) and the coals of fire are bullets and missiles. The command comes via computer technology used to access the scene and passed from the flight commander to the cherub, helicopter pilot. Jesus said Jabobs well has no water of salvation. NONE. Jacob is Israel. Israel/Abraham will never forsake their religion and accept the religion of Jesus. Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest man born of woman and that is because God created John, the Lamb, for the purpose of removing the sins of the world with water baptism. John is greater than Abraham, Moses, David and all the sons of Abraham. Jesus the Shepherd leads John the Lamb and all the water baptized disciples of Jesus into eternal life in the kingdom of God. Blood sacrifice was removed and made void by John the Baptist. God did not want Jesus to be murdered. Jesus was willing to die because his entire message was forgive your enemies, love one another as family, everyone is equal including gender and there is no one blessed race of people. God blessed everyone with life and men do not have the right to kill over religion. The Command of God is do not kill. If Jesus had killed to prevent his own death his entire message would have been destroyed and he would have defeated the purpose He was sent to earth. Jesus taught to have Peace people must be Peaceful. All evil people die in WW3 so Satan's time is limited. No eternal life for men of Satan, they are not rescued and will die in nuclear winter, the frost of heaven spoken of in Job. Once evil is removed, Satan is removed but earth will be destroyed along with that evil. Stop saying Jesus died to remove sin, that is a lie. God loves his son sent John to baptize to remove sin and sent his Son to teach peace because only those that believe in peace , worship a peaceful God that never demanded blood sacrifice will be saved. There are 2 creation stories in Genesis and the Father of Jesus is in Chapter 1. People do not follow the true God, they are misled believing the false religion of Abraham the man Jesus called the father of the lie that shows up in Chapter 2 of Genesis. Jesus never lies. Abraham formed a pagan blood sacrifice religion, invented his own Lord God and forced people to obey or die. Abraham invented the story of Adam and Eve to trace his non existent ancestry directly to his imaginary God. There is a real God in the universe but it is not the Lord God of Israel with his sons of vipers followers. The real God wants to prevent the great extinction event of all life on earth, thermonuclear WW3.

  9. Devout Catholic priests brought us modern genetics and the big bang theory among other scientific ideas, thankfully they didn't hold such a narrow view of religion. Religion can be defined as a mechanism to wrap our tiny little human brains around things like God and spirituality, I don't think it's too bad of a thing really.

  10. Religion never served as a substitute for science. It served as a method of establishing morality. That's why societies formed through religion. And that is why in the modern day, ideologies like humanism, capitalism, communism or utilitarianism have taken over that role.
    Religion and science never had anything to do with each other.

  11. you know i think a scientist shouldnt be talking about religion.. human perception can be vary, we can not justify that the concept of religion is a wrong. some people find themselves prosperous while they are get linked up with their god, life for me is all about to find prosperity.. if ure to live to destroy someones' prosperity then ure not classified as good person. why dont we just mind our business. u scientist stop disgracing religion. i am, to be honest, an atheist, but i do respect people's way to live their life. i have a lot of muslim friends they never planing to join isis,, they condemn ISIS instead of admire it. they said,, they never told to kill innocent people.

  12. Mr. Harris, I have to disagree. Religion is not failed science – partly because of the reasons you stated. Science is about (a) generalizing from physical evidence (b) to pursue knowledge of the natural world. Religion is not limited by either trait.

    Religion does not base itself on physical evidence. It appeals to spiritual intuition and/or manifested supernatural revelations (ex. scripture, institutions, traditions). Religion appeals to more and different sources of knowledge. You can just discount all those sources of knowledge if you like, but the question of whether they are trustworthy sources of knowledge is different from the question of when they attempt to be scientific sources of knowledge.

    Religion also does not limit themselves to explaining the natural world. Now, religions do It does make descriptive claims about the world – about spiritual forces and entities. But that's not all it does. It makes more abstract descriptive claims about the nature of reality. And it makes normative claims about our purpose and morality that cannot be determined by science.

    Of course, I agree with your first point. "Religion" is an umbrella that covers many different kinds of claims, ideologies, and practices. And some things that call themselves religions really are weak science in that they only mean to explain natural phenomena – for example, people whose religions were primarily about how to secure a good harvest from the rain god. But that completely ignores religious practices surrounding spirituality, ethics, and metaphysics.

  13. I love that legitimate arguments can take place on a social website's comments. Some agree, and some disagree, and justified evidence is used to trump over covered hysteria. To me, that is beautiful.

  14. Never thought I'd live to see an idiot who's considered by most to be a genius.

    The Greeks had religion, and then they also had the sciences.  Same with Rome.  It's how they were able to create cement, and aqueducts, and alarm clocks (yes, the ancient greeks had alarm clocks).

    This MYTH that religion was considered a "science" needs to die already.  A lot of what he was saying after the 2:20 minute mark, ancient civilizations had a really good idea about a lot of that, and invented Geometry, Calculus, and mathematics in general.

    I don't doubt for a second that Archimedes could out-think Sam Harris if he were brought from the past to modern day.

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