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My Hero Academia Popularity Poll 3 is MESSED UP! A RogersBase & Hermsaur RANT! – Viral Trends

My Hero Academia Popularity Poll 3 is MESSED UP! A RogersBase & Hermsaur RANT!

My Hero Academia 3rd Popularity Poll Results: https://www.reddit.com/r/BokuNoHeroAcademia/comments/7i5sij/3rd_popularity_poll_results/ Subscribe to HERMSAUR: https://www.youtube.com/user/HERMSAUR…


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  1. All mights absolute devotion for peace and all that is good with genuine feelings is refreshing amongst a bunch of cookie cutter heroes. Hes has such pure intention in being a hero, hes not about attention or fame for selfish purposes he seeks and obtains the title of symbol of peace to give people a sense of security, and hope. That smile itself makes him a legend. that's what i love about my man all might. Great video as always RB <3

  2. Anyways, though, again, you said it a few times and though we know this poll was MEANT to represent the manga, most likely this ended up being more for the anime just cause of the fans in Japan.

  3. fav characters 1 to 10

    1. Todoroki Shoto
    2. Todoroki Shoto
    3. Todoroki Shoto
    4. Todoroki Shoto
    5. Todoroki Shoto
    6. Todoroki Shoto
    7. Todoroki Shoto
    8. Todoroki Shoto
    9. Todoroki Shoto
    10. Todoroki Shoto
    11. Still Todoroki Shoto XD

  4. The anime influenced the poll more than manga did. The poll was done during Iida's big moment in the anime. That's why he's so high in the poll and why Mirio is not there. It's just timing of the poll.

  5. "This is supposed to be a popularity poll of recent events in the manga."
    That's where your thinking is always messed up. It's just a popularity poll of people's favorite characters throughout the entire series. It doesn't have to be recent events in the manga. (How long has Hancock been in the top 10 of One Piece?). I don't see why you can't understand that.

  6. You're right this list is wrong. Bakugou is number 1. Worst character ever. He should be number 10 or 20. Ida is better than Bakugou. Only usefulness of Bakugou is being a drive and rival to Deku. He is suppose to want to be a hero but acts like a whiny jealous little bitch because Deku recieved a quirk. I would not miss him at all if he got killed off.

  7. Really? I had thought mirio was number 1… Badass, hardworking and friendly. Red riot on 2 and i think Mei would maybe be in the top 10.
    As for Iida, in Japan i get it. Someone who shows allot of respect to people and rules. Probally a culture thing

    And ofcourse Brook should have been number 1 in One Piece. He teached all those young whippersnappers a lesson.

  8. Iida is one of Deku’s first friends and “rivals” at UA. He’s one of the first classmates that you get introduced to and his backstory. People are comfortable with Iida. He’s one of the main characters. I’m not saying he should be above Aizawa or All Might, but come on. I think he’s a solid choice👌🏾😁🤷🏾‍♂️.

  9. Lemillion had barely any panel time in the manga when this poll was taken, which would explain his non-inclusion. As for Shinso, he gets a lot of fan art and is apparently really popular with female fans and is major fujobait.

  10. R u kidding me? Iida is class leader, dekus closest friend, and he has the most story as a support character. U guys acting like he shouldnt be top 10. He should be #4 kirishima hasnt done shit he just follows bakugo around

  11. even bakugou didnt deserve to be first his development is extremily slow, he is annoying, cliche but i understand why some people like him even if i dont agree, he has potential to be a good character in the future, i like shouto but even he shouldnt be in top 10, this popularity poll was shit, there is a lot of characters that should be on top 10 and that had a much better development and much more screen time that most of the characters in this list. most of the characters are on top 10 just bcs of they have a badass design or are considered "hot" are some shit like that or bcs of the ships (yaoi mainly)

  12. I read in a phorum that the ranking was made a long time ago and the resultas were released til now, and that's why Mirio is not in the list, because by the time of the poll Mirio was just a random new character that looks like Tin Tin, he hadn't made anything by that time, something similar with Overhaul, at least that is what my sources say so that way it makes sense to me the ranking the jump released.

  13. As someone who has only seen the anime and is at the part of the camp arc with muscle man, I present my top 10 list to the infinite void of the internet( shout outs to Kirishima and Gran Torino):
    10. Ochako
    9. Bakugou
    8. Stain
    7. Ingenium( I really like Iida's story of learning from Stain ironically how he should be a hero)
    6. Froppy
    5. Aizawa
    4. Creati (Momo is best girl, I will take the salt head-on)
    3. All Might
    2. SHOTO Todoroki
    1. Deku

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