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LOL: Trump Cancels Bogus Voter Fraud Commission – Viral Trends

LOL: Trump Cancels Bogus Voter Fraud Commission

Donald Trump disbands his bogus-from-the-start “voter fraud commission” https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/03/trump-disbands-voter-fraud-commission-322621 -Become a Member: https://www.davi…


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  1. Millions… This idiot said millions of illegal votes against him.. This fool can't even count to 100.. I bet he can't even comprehend how stupid he sounds saying millions, and making zero arrests.. LOLOLLL 😂😂😂😂

  2. This man-child's fragile ego is the most un-American character trait ever exhibited by a Commander in Chief.

    The American idiots who continue to stroke it apropos wasting time at one of his post-election rallies have contributed nothing other than enabling an incompetent waste of space to feel good about himself for a few hours at most.

    Ironically, Trump and his loyal twits have unwittingly-motivated a turnout for 2018 which shall pave the way for his eventual removal and then some. The last gasp of the angry white conservative is nearly over and done with.

    I sincerely can't wait for these superstitious projectionists to be routed from relevance for good, and for alt-right sellouts like the current version of Alex Jones to put up nothing more than a hypertensive barking diatribe. It's what his ilk does best – great entertainment value to be sure.

    The end is nigh for these clowns, and they're now devouring each other in a desperate bid to maintain some semblance of relevance. Well, feel free to cannibalize yourselves further, just like a bunch of far-left, sanctimonious SJWs inevitably do to each other. Devour your own instead of empower – very productive!

  3. drumpf lies about everything all the time, all the time.
    Three observed truisms:
      drumpf is not intelligent or smart;
      drumpf never thinks anything through;
      drumpf lies all the time.
    Given that drumpf has no curiosity, is illiterate, lacks basic comprehension, and is a pathological liar, these truisms work. Period.  (<- see the period)

  4. Bravo Mr. Wolf – You have reinforced all that we already now.  Yes, throw the Trump Crime Family to the Wolves no the sewers where they came from.  He's been a scumbag for over 71 years and the short-fingered, cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing shitgibbon deserves every gram of scorn of his guilt and ignorance coming his way.

  5. Trump was looking to collect personal data on voters that was beyond the reasonable reach of the federal government. Thankfully, the states had enough backbone to push back against this. Yeah – those uncooperative states. Bah. To be clear – a significant portion of the refusals came from red states – although I do notice that the Trump administration was happy to leave the impression that this was a liberal vs conservative issue.

  6. The number of pro-Trump supporters at this stage commenting on videos (I don't believe they are "Russian trolls") is proof positive that we in the Free World must strike out America from leadership, just from hopeless contamination, and find a new way to arrange ourselves. Democracy can survive, but only if the contaminated populace of the country calling itself the united states of America, under whatever President, are not our leaders any longer.

  7. What would really be nice. "Today it was announced President Trump cancelled the rest of his presidency. He could not justify being president any longer." I know dream on! But what a dream!!!

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