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Logan Paul And YouTube Community Polls Update – Viral Trends

Logan Paul And YouTube Community Polls Update

Logan Paul And YouTube Community Polls Update ▷ SUBSCRIBE TO CANADIAN STUDMUFFIN: https://goo.gl/JrZqSc ▷ LARRY GRAVES PLAYLISTS: https://goo.gl/GfQIJL ▷ ASMRLARRYGRAVES: https://goo.gl/P4…


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Comments 37

  1. You are a nice genuine guy, not an arrogant , self absorbed youtube faker who purposely acts childish on youtube for views filming suicide victims under the fake meaning of "spreading suicide awareness" … you any day m8

  2. This Logan Paul guy is completely disrespectful to Japanese people. He claims in a video that he has to be on his best behavior and then immediately negates this by doing something utterly stupid in front of a lot of people within a crowded place. Does the threat of almost being arrested stop Mr.Paul……….no…….. what is this guy thinking?!! I do not want the people of Japan to hold prejudgments against foreigners but, if they do, because of Logan Paul"s actions, could you blame them?

  3. Logan Paul vs. Canadian Studmuffin…hmmm let me think about this. One is a flash in the pan who comes across as very fake and the other provides the masses with high quality entertainment. Gotta go with CS…keep up the great work Larry!!

  4. Larry your right you had the money that u got from your familys oil stuff like 25million dollars that was 2 years and you still live in a apartment

  5. His whole persona is unlike anyone else’s and most people are jealous of him and wish they had his luxuries, resulting in people often reacting by saying he’s arrogant and obnoxious which is true and he even labels himself that way. His whole channel is about pushing boundaries and that video wasn’t set out to find a dead person, they bought equipment to stay overnight as a challenge, many other groups have done the same thing but never stumbled across anything along the way. His biggest mistake was publishing the video because he knew the content was not needed for YouTube, he removed the adds from the video so he already felt like it was wrong to make money from such content, but him being who he is thought he would take the risk. I feel he has only faulted himself and not the viewers, he knew it was wrong, he made the viewers aware of any suicide hotlines, he spoke about mental health and showed how real it is. It is a very sensitive topic and nobody would ever be able to show how real it is like that. It was a risk, he shouldn’t have published it and now he will suffer the consequences.

  6. I'd watch your videos over his trash anyday. YouTube made him a celebrity, getting rich off being trash. Any other small youtuber would have been banned for what he did, it violates several terms of service. Then on top of YouTube making the video trending on the front page, while they demonetize everyone else.

  7. He did put up an apology video but I don't know him well enough to know if it was sincere. He says it was a mistake but you would think somewhere in the process of thinking it was appropriate to even go to that forest there are so many interesting things to see in Japan why on earth would that be on your must visit list, then deciding to video it, editing it together, thumbnail choice (wearing a Toy Story character hat) so many things that I find disturbing about it. He is young but I would have thought he'd have known well before even getting to the posting it online, but it's not just about Logan there are so many people that liked the video. I don't think he the only one with fault here I am still waiting for an apology video from Youtube a huge company (that should definitely know better and probably do know better) they say they are trying to make YouTube more kid friendly and cracking down on offensive content. They reward clickbaiting videos in the trending section and the anything for views mentality. I would have thought 'The Cure' would have come out on top. For me it is 'The White Album' sounds like you are getting lots of use out of the new YouTube Community tab.

  8. I've heard of Logan Paul but have never watched his videos. I only see him on the trending page and frankly he just seems very arrogant. Personally, I'd rather watch your videos Larry. I dare you to take a swig of Buckley's ;D

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